10 Days in Japan

10-days-in-japanMina-san, konnichiwa! Hello everyone!

I realised that I have been travelling a lot during last year and I couldn’t post many of my travel diaries yet… Some are getting really old and I feel so sorry about it! NOW, I finally want to post about my 10 day tour in Japan. I have been there with my Mum in autumn 2015. To be exact, it was from 9 to 18 September. We found an interesting program from Aldi Suisse Tours. Most of the places were very new to me (and also for my Mum), so we decided to book the tour. We had a mixed group with people from Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Everything was very well organised and I do not remember any negative point.

I decided to do a photo diary about my 10 day trip in Japan, with just a short introduction about what we have done on each day. If you have any questions about the places or anything you see on my pictures, please feel free to ask me!

Here is a short sneak peek of my round trip in Japan:

Day 1: Flight from Zurich via Dubai to Osaka (大阪)
Day 2: Arrival and Transfer to a hotel in Kyoto (京都)
Day 3: Day at leisure or city tour in Kyoto
Day 4: Visiting the basaltic cliffs in Tōjinbō (東尋坊) and the Kenroku-en garden in Kanazawa (金沢)
Day 5: Visiting the traditionally thatched houses in Shirakawa-go (白川郷) and the village in Takayama (高山)
Day 6: Visiting the Jigokudani monkey park in Yamanouchi (山ノ内) and the Zenkō-ji-temple in Nagano (長野)
Day 7: Trying to get a glimpse of the holy mountain Fuji-san and visiting the Hase-dera-temple in Kamakura (鎌倉)
Day 8: City tour in Tokyo (東京)
Day 9: Day at leisure or day trip to Nikkō (日光)
Day 10: Flight back home from Tokyo via Dubai to Zurich

Our route from Osaka to Tokyo japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-2Ok, let’s start!  japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-5Zurich Airport japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-6bjapan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-6Emirates Airlines japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-6cjapan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-7aThis machine was quite new!
We had so much space, it was almost empty!japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-7Still Economy! japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-7bFree space for my Mokeke ♪ japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-7cBye bye Switzerland japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-8 japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-9Entertainment on boardjapan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-10Cinderella! japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-11 japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-12 japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-13Mini Tic Tac japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-14Stop-over in Dubai japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-15 japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-16Dubai Airport japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-17In the next airplane japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-18Arriving in Japan (Kansai Airport)
The first thing that I saw was this kawaii Gudetama suitcase!japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-19 japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-20Japan, I missed you!!
japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-21Pikachu ♡ japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-22First night at:
Daiwa Roynet Hotel Kyoto Karasuma Shijo
japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-23 japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-24 japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-25

Fake food samples!
Why can’t we have this in Switzerland?japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-26Having dinner at an Izakaya somewhere in Kyoto.
Can’t remember the restaurantjapan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-28 japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-29 it was so delicious!japan-travel-aldi-reisen-2015-30


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