Sweet Sakura Tea from Japan

Hello Sweeties,

Flowers are blooming beautifully and so the cherry blossoms has started as well. I Mum came back home some weeks ago and brought us some Sakura tee from Japan! Have you ever tried something with Sakura flavour? It is difficult to explain, but is has a floral, cherry-like taste. This “sweet sakura tea” tasted quite unique though. In the package you will find salted cherry blossoms. Together with boiled water, the tea looks super pretty. The taste of the tea somehow reminded me of the Japanese plum wine (Ume Shu). I also tried the Sakura green tea, which was nice too!

Salted Cherry Blossoms Add water Pretty flowers in a cup And here is the green Tea version


2 responses to “Sweet Sakura Tea from Japan

    • Hello~ usually you don’t rinse the sakura expect you don’t like the salty flavour. Just add everything to a cup and add water to the tea ^_^ hope this helps!

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