Matcha Products in Switzerland

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I am going to show you some Matcha products that you can buy in Switzerland. There are some good recommendations, but also some products, that I will never buy again. So first of all, what is Matcha? Well, Matcha is nothing else than finely ground green tea leaves – it’s simply green tea powder. Japanese people are obsessed with green tea. You can find it in any kind of dessert (from chocolate, to ice cream, cake, really in everything!). A lot of non-Asian people think it’s weird to mix Matcha with sweet treats, but if it is still new to you, give it a try! Matcha ice cream tastes great! I often do it at home with vanilla ice cream and matcha powder.

I slowly realised, that Matcha comes more and more popular here in Europe. Green tea has many benefits, which improves your health and is a good alternative to coffee (especially for people who doesn’t like coffee). Since Starbucks Switzerland started to sell Matcha Latte, I can see much more Matcha products in our stores. Recently, the Coop supermarket started to sell Matcha Kitkat!! At first I was super happy that they finally launched it, but now, after I tried it, I wish that they would remove it from their range immediately! The taste (plain white chocolate?) was super disappointing and it has absolute no similarities to the one from Japan. I know that it is ‘inspired’ from Japan and not ‘from’ Japan, but promoting this bad taste and say that it is Matcha actually makes me very sad. I recommend you to buy the real one from Japan (you can find it at the Yumihana store in Zurich).

So beside the no-go Matcha Kitkat from Coop, here comes my Matcha-favourite: Miyuko’s Matcha Chocolate. I honestly have to say, it has not the typical Japanese Matcha taste as well, but at least it has a delicate taste of green tea (and it can become very addicting!). When I open the Matcha chocolate from Miyuko, I always eat the whole chocolate bar within a few minutes. You can buy the chocolate directly at the Miyuko Cafe in Zurich or in the chocolate section at the Globus store.

The Migros supermarket started to sell Matcha powder and Matcha Latte since they added the Alnatura line to their assortment. I can’t tell you how the Matcha powder tastes like, since I buy it in Japan. The Matcha Latte was not that bad (I added some more Matcha powder to the latte), unfortunately, it is not available anymore. I am still hoping that I can find Matcha Latte from Starbucks or Emmi in our shelves someday.

Have you ever tried something with Matcha flavour? Do you have Matcha products in your country?

Matcha Chocolate from Miyuko!
It has a unique taste (not the usual one from Japan),
but it is super good! I always eat the whole bar in a few minutes!It is quite pricy with CHF 5.60, but it’s worth it!
(The average price of chocolate in Switzerland is around CHF 2) all mine! The Matcha Kitkat from Coop looks delicious… …but it wasn’t!
It is super different to the one from Japan!!!
Very disappointing :(The price is ok, but I won’t buy it againI wonder how this Matcha Ginger Latte (also from Coop)
tastes like… can’t imagine that it tastes good.Matcha powder from Alnatura (Migros supermarket)They also had the Matcha Latte, but it is gone now… buhuuSelfmade matcha ice cream;
Just mix vanilla ice cream and matcha powder togetherAnd of course Matcha Latte from Starbucks!Did you know that Lindt (Swiss chocolate factory) is
selling Matcha chocolate in Asia? I got this one from Japan
Sadly, it is not available in Switzerland! and here is a little sneak-peek from Japan
ice cream, cake, latte…


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  1. Hey! Great idea to show the different matcha products you can get in Switzerland! I bought some matcha online this week and I am not disappointed at all with the quality! The website I bought it from is called if you decide to not buy your matcha directly in Japan anymore and prefer to buy it in Switzerland.

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