Japanese Charity Bazaar Zug 2018

Hello my friends,

It has been a long time ago, since I have been to a Japanese Bazaar in Switzerland. I went to the Charity Bazaar in Zug some weeks ago. I had a three years break, because I was often on holidays, so that’s why I couldn’t go. I finally managed to keep the date free for this event. It is a small one-day event at the Pfarreisaal St. Johannes in Zug. Is is not that spectacular, but I love it especially because of the wide selection of foods they have. As always, you can have sweet and savoury buns from Hiro Takahashi, Onigiri, Sushi, Takoyaki, Gyoza and Oden. You can also buy a lot of Japanese books for a very good price and various Japanese products. The income of the sales will be donated to the Kaoma Cheshire Home in Zambia, which I really appreciate. Here are some impressions from the event on 14 October 2018. I hope you will come and visit the little event the next time – it is for a good purpose!

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Pfarreisaal St. Johannes
St. Johannesstr. 9
6300 Zug

My deer Mokeke‘Don’t leave me alone!’ Sushi plates Inarizushi Japanese products Buns from Hiro Takahashi Arg, animal donuts! His melonpan is soooo good! Used books Takoyaki I love the “A Look Into…” books
they are very interesting and my sister got them for 1 CHF!Buy it on Amazon:

Gyoza Oden My favourite tea Sorry, but I had to eat it…! Presentation about the donation Hope you will come and visit the event next year! ^_^


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