Japan Cultural Festival Bern

Hello everyone!

This will be my last post before I head to Japan the next few weeks! I will keep you up-to-date on my Facebook Page or on Instagram, so feel free to stalk on one or both sites :) So I have been in Bern some weeks ago with my Mum and my lovely friend Christie for the Japan Cultural Festival. The event was very new to me and took place at the embassy of Japan in Switzerland. The event was smaller than expected and I was a little bit disappointed, that you couldn’t buy anything (no sweet buns, wagashi or other “japanese” stuff). Anyhow the little shows and tea ceremony as well as the exhibits and free brochures were very interesting. We stayed just for a few hours, had lunch at Tibits (vegetarian/vegan restaurant) before we went home.

Embassy of Japan in Bern Origami So many! You could do a Origami workshop Daruma-san Temari Food samples!
Best invention ever! Did you know that ANA has very cheap flights (special deals)
from Switzerland to Japan and back? Ora2 – breath fine :D Checking the brochures Water from Fukushima Grüezi – the newspaper for Japanese people living in Switzerland I think this is a toy to learn Japanese… Japanese books Tea Ceremony We had to eat this super sweet piece of sugar It was so good! Thx for join Christie! ♡
My lunch plate from Tibits restaurant


3 responses to “Japan Cultural Festival Bern

  1. Wow! The 787! I love that airplane. I friend of mine introduced it to me when it was still being developed, we’ve been huge fans since then. It’s simply beautiful. My fav designs are those from ANA, JAL, Quatar Airlines and Aeromexico.
    I’m confused… is G∙U∙M a Japanese brand?
    It’s great to know you’re going to Japan again. Enjoy your trip and have tons of fun.

    • I love ANA (and they have very good flight offers from Switzerland to Japan ;)) Haha, yes, GUM seems to be very famous in Japan. I never tried it though. I had a super great time in Japan, I can’t wait to share my moments with all of you ^_^

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