Japanese Charity Bazaar Zug 2014


Konnichiwa mina-san! Hello everyone!

Every year the same event, but every time a good time! I have been at the Japanese Charity Bazaar in Zug. As some of you remember, I started working as a volunteer worker in 2010. This year, however, I decided to go there with my friends, because they got quite interested in Japanese events, since we spend our holidays together in October 2013. When I go to the Japanese Charity Bazaar in Zug, my main activity is EATING. (*^Д^*) Yup, I love the range of food they offer at the bazaar and it is nice to spend money on food for a good purpose. (*ゝ∀・*)ノ All the money, which the staff members got for Sushi, Takoyaki and Co. will be donated to the Kaoma Cheshire Home in Zambia.

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JapaneseBazaar_1_zps552c096cMy Usagi Outfit ^.^JapaneseBazaar_2_zps56509564JapaneseBazaar_3_zpsf4899e2b JapaneseBazaar_13_zps428d2f01Food~JapaneseBazaar_12_zpsf87ea4cb JapaneseBazaar_14_zps40ee54fa JapaneseBazaar_11_zps1b645cc5I love this OISHI honey lemon green tea!JapaneseBazaar_15_zps2f0d5847JapaneseBazaar_16_zps4088698d JapaneseBazaar_5a_zpscc3cd06bJapaneseBazaar_4_zps6419bce6JapaneseBazaar_5_zpsfb623d39 JapaneseBazaar_6_zps302c0488JapaneseBazaar_7_zpsaf7d1491 JapaneseBazaar_8_zpse7c56262 JapaneseBazaar_9_zps17d85696 JapaneseBazaar_10_zps886a450b JapaneseBazaar_17_zps89a6b209 JapaneseBazaar_19_zpsea10eda5  My friendsJapaneseBazaar_18_zps111f0a8band my lovely Sis ♥JapaneseBazaar_20_zpsd21ab7de

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