Pokémon ITS’DEMO Makeup Palette

Hello my friends!

What happens, when you mix Pokémon x ITS’DEMO? Right, you will get this super fancy kawaii awesome Pokémon make-up palette! I saw them first one or two years ago, when Youtubers showed their super cute haul from Japan. The ITS’DEMO beauty store in Japan makes a lot of collaborations with Disney, Pokémon, Sailor Moon and other brands and it is really dangerous to take a step inside (so stay careful, haha). The design changes from year to year and I was happy to get one with these starter Pokémon (well, all palettes are cute!!). The palette costs in Japan 1’800 Yen (~17$) and the colour can slightly vary. Inside you will find a highlighter, two blushes, three creamy eyeshadow tones and six are ordinary eyeshadow. I got my palette in Tokyo, Shibuya, but you can find ITS’DEMO stores also in other bigger cities like Osaka, Fukuoka, Kanagawa, Saitama or Chiba for example. So if you see a ITS’DEMO store during your stay in Japan – I tell you again – stay away from it!! It is dangerous (☆w☆)!

This one was my favourite! I got the multi-palette 02 Ready to open? Even the foil looks sooo cute! awww 1 = Highlighter
2-3 = Blush
4-6 = Creamy Eyeshadow
7-12 = Eyeshadow Here the colours:

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3 responses to “Pokémon ITS’DEMO Makeup Palette

  1. I love how Japanese people put every detail and color in the right place. I didn’t expect that cute pikachu on the mirror. I also like the fact that it’s not that expensive.

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