Pikachu Deco Latte | The Cutest Coffee that I have seen!

Hello Cuties,

Let’s continue with another kawaii thing, I bought in Japan. Coffee art doesn’t have to be complicated – this Deco Latte can turn any coffee into a cute eye-catcher!! You can find Latte Art in Japan with lots of different characters. I got mine from the Pokémon Center in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. I saw that Pikachu smiling at me, I just could not resist, arg. The preparation is quite simple. You need a cup of coffee, put the Deco sheet on top and wait for some minutes – that’s it. The coffee has a slightly sweet taste (the sheets have a light caramel flavour). If you are a coffee lover like me or just want to surprise your coffee lover friends, this is definitely a must-buy item ♡

It comes with 5 different sheets Shall we? wait until the sheet is “one” with the coffee Here is another one ^_^


2 responses to “Pikachu Deco Latte | The Cutest Coffee that I have seen!

  1. Awww! This is the cutest latte ever! The designs are simple adorable- The way they work is interesting, what are they made of?

    PS .I think this is the first time I write a comment in months. I’m sorry. I’ve been quite busy, and since the earthquakes.. I live at the outsides of Mexico City, everything is alright here, but my mail inbox got filled with news and Facebook notifications about them, so I left reading blog updates and so on for later, and later, and later… I think procrastination is the word hehehe XD… but here I am again.

    • Hi BlueBird!
      Long time no see. Nice to hear that you are well. Hope the earthquake is finally over.
      Glad to have you back ^_^! Always appreciate your comments <3

      PS. I think the sheets are made of compressed milk/coffee powder?

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