Disney’s Frozen Cupcake

Hi everyone!

I bought a really cool cupcake set at the Coop supermarket many years ago. I finally found the perfect occasion to use it! I made up with my besties and we decided to do a Disney movie dinner at my friend’s home. If you are stalking my Instagram feed, you will soon notice that my favourite Disney movie is Frozen. I can’t stop singing, when I hear the intro of “Let it go…” or the snowman song. I am so obsessed, that I even got a sing-along DVD on my birthday lol. I love cupcakes (to eat), but baking at home is quite a challenge, cause I still have problems to handle the frosting. Nowadays, I do not check the recipe book, if mix a simple chocolate or vanilla dough. My muffin dough is very random (I add the ingredients based on my feelings), however, I tried to remember the recipe as good as possible:

For 10 Disney Frozen Cupcakes you need:
2 eggs
50g sugar
100g flour
150g milk or dark chocolate (melt it in the microwave → see here)
a bit of milk
1 tea spoon of baking powder
1 package of vanilla sugar
chocolate chips
1 table spoon of coconut oil

For frosting:
100g butter (room temperature)
2 table spoon of milk
250g powder sugar
blue food colouring

oven baking temperature: 180 C°
baking time: ~25min

Start with the dough

1. Beat eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar together until it becomes creamy
2. Melt the chocolate (I recommend you the easy microwave-technique)
3. Add it to the sugar-egg mixture together with the other ingredients and continue mixing
4. Fill the dough into muffin backing forms
5. Bake the dough for about 25 minutes and let them cool completely on a rack

Last step – Frosting:
1. Beat butter and the powder sugar together until it becomes creamy
2. Add the rest at the end and continue mixing
3. Let the frosting cool in the refrigerator

Lastly, decorate your cupcakes with the frosting and sprinkles you like!

Cupcake set from Coop supermarket

Buy this set on Amazon.de:

Olaf ♡ Melting the chocolate
I recommend you the easy microwave-technique! Optional: Coconut flakes tastes good with chocolate!
I added some to my doughOh Elsa… I am sorry, haha Ready for the frosting? Sugar flakes, which look like snow flakes Make it blue high in calories, but highly popular
butter frosting ♪
you can make a “healthier version* by using fresh cheese
recipe is → here Yummy!

There is another set on Amazon.com:


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