Sailor Moon Beauty Products

Hello pretty flowers,

Sailor Moon was one of my favourite Anime when I was kind. And it still is. Sailor Moon is still accompanying my life – not only because of the revival series Sailor Moon Crystal and its 25th anniversary – but also because of all the crazy merchandise and products, they are selling all around the world. I bought quite a lot of stuff on my last Japan trip than I ever wanted to *lol*. Honestly, it was very hard to resist. First of all, I saw a shelf full of Sailor Moon beauty masks! This first thing, which I bought when I was in Osaka. During my stay at my relatives, all eyes were focused on the eyeliner (many Instagrammer told me, that it is good! I am still excited to use it) and the hair fragrance with its cute look. Last but not least, I found some pretty Sailor Moon blushes at the It’s Demo store and end up buying two different colours (I am probably going to sell them, cause I have too many… Just mail me, if you are interested!). As you can see I love Sailor Moon very much. Can’t get enough of it. How about you? Did Sailor Moon become one of your precious childhood memory?

Limited Sailor Moon Hair Fragranceby Venus Spa Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Eyeliner Magical Moon Stick Beauty masks Sailor Moon Compact Cheek Colour by It’s Demo

5 responses to “Sailor Moon Beauty Products

  1. It’s too easy to buy so many things when we visit Japan, because we know we won’t have the opportunity often *looks at piles of Japanese books* 😅

    But, Miho-san, I think you are still very kind…

  2. I didn’t watch the full series because the last seasons got censored, but I loved Sailor Moon. I loved all characters, but my favourite one was Amy, because of her colour scheme. My primary school uniform had a sailor-neck and a tie, so we used to make a bow with the tie and pretend were sailor scouts.
    The first seasons are being aired again on terrestrial TV. They haven’t suceded as much as they did in the 90’s, but it is said there’re plans for airing, or at least dubbing, Sailor Moon Crystal.

  3. Tut mir leid ich muss nochmal kommentieren weil dumb me hat nicht ihren instagram Namen angegeben 😂
    Ursprünglicher Kommentar:
    Omg so ein süßes giveaway vielen lieben Dank 😍 Sailor Moon ist einfach meine Kindheit ich habe es geliebt und ich liebe es immer noch 😍 Ich liebe einfach die Animes und Serien mit denen wir aufgewachsen sind. Jede dieser Serien hat uns damals gezeigt wie wichtig Freundschaft ist und dass man immer zusammen halten soll und nicht aufgeben darf. Ich bin einfach so dankbar, dass ich mit diesen Serien aufwachsen durfte 😭♥

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