How to make Blueberry Cupcakes | Recipe

blue-berry-muffins-cupcakes-5After my first attempt at baking Cupcakes (Coconut Cupcakes, Posted on July 17, 2011) I thought of a second trial!

For 10 Blueberry Cupcakes you need:

50g butter
1 egg
75g sugar
90g flour
50g or more blueberries
100cc milk
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 package of vanilla sugar

for the frosting
200g fresh cheese
50g icing sugar
50g butter
50g blueberries (squashed)

oven baking temperature: 180C°
baking time: ~25min

1. Beat butter, sugar and vanilla sugar together until it becomes creamy
2. Add the eggs and continue mixing
3. Mix the flour with the baking powder, add the flour-mixture and the milk alternately to the butter-egg-mixture
4. Fill the dough into the baking cups
5. Bake the cakes and let them cool completely on a rack

While the cakes are baking you can prepare the frosting:

6. for the frosting just mix all the ingredients together and let it cool in the fridge. I squezzed  the blueberries like this…

blue-berry-muffins-cupcakes-4we only had this little sieve…
It took so long to squeeze out the little berries *lol*

7. Last but not least: Give your Cupcakes a lovely decoration!  Ideas for decorating cupcakes are limitless! Useful tips you’ll also find here.

I used:
– Blueberries (some of them dipped in sugar)
– Colourful & silver sprinkles
– Coconut flakes
– Chocolate chip

blue-berry-muffins-cupcakes-3for a blue-touch I used some food coloring in form of sugar
(with the egg, yellow+blue=, it turned out a bit green -_-”) blue-berry-muffins-cupcakes-7blue-berry-muffins-cupcakes-1 blue-berry-muffins-cupcakes-2 blue-berry-muffins-cupcakes-9 blue-berry-muffins-cupcakes-6mhm…blue-berry-muffins-cupcakes-10One more final advice: Let the finished Cupcakes some minutes in the fridge and let them cool down – it tastes even more delicious!


6 responses to “How to make Blueberry Cupcakes | Recipe

    • thx ❤

      I often use the same recipe, the main dough is exactly the same like the one I used for my coconut cupcakes. At the end the cakes are very “wet” and not dry. But I still have to perfect& try different recipes (^_-)-☆

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