Les Gourmandises de Miyuko

Hello everyone!

Craving for fancy cakes with a heavenly cup of tea or coffee? The Miyuko Cafe is one of my favourite place to have a break, when I am around Zurich. The first time I have been there was in 2011 (and since then unfortunately never again!!!). Sara Hochuli, cake artist and owner of Miyuko, organised a Lolita Afternoon Tea party, which I will never forget. It was almost the beginning of my affection (and addiction) for Lolita fashion (I think it was even my second Lolita meet-up back then)! So, I did a day trip in Zurich with my boy, where we first had a short look at the Manga/Anime shop called Jeeg. The shop moved to another location and became so much bigger now. You can have DVDs, anime figures, mangas, video games, plushies, posters, magazines and many more merchandise from Japan. Then we had lunch in the city and checked the clothing stores around the Bahnhofstrasse (the most famous shopping street in Zurich) before we needed a coffee break in the afternoon. The cafe is very near from Zurich central station (it’s a 10 minute walk or you can take the tram Nr. 7 direction Stettbach, leave at the station Sonneggstrasse). The cafe is – compared to others – rather small, but offers a lovely and cute ambience. The cakes are very fancy, have a very exotic flavour combination, but are very delicious (I had a Matcha pineapple cake btw). This sweet treat was the perfect finish after a long amusing day. PS. Do not forget to try the Miyuko Matcha chocolate! It is amazing!!

Beckenhofstrasse 7
CH-8006 Zurich
+41 (0)44 350 21 43

Opening hours
Wednesday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:00
Saturday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00

On my way to Zurich.
Watching Umaru~!First stop at Jeeg

Want them all! DVDs Sakura Omg that door! Manga version of Beauty and the BeastCoffee break at Miyuko

Chocolate Fancy Cakes Lovely wall decoration Hot chocolate Matcha pineapple cake and herb tea Last but not least…
we saw this Pikachu lock on our way back to the station lol!


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