Halloween Brownies

Happy Halloween pumpkins!

I actually wanted to do an Halloween make-up tutorial, but decided to post a Halloween recipe instead. It is a long time ago since I baked something special. I really like the simple cooking videos from Tastyjapan. They posted a really cute Halloween ghost brownie tutorial, so I would like to share the recipe (I changed it a little) and my spooky zombie ghosts with you – muahaha!

You need:

50g butter
30g sugar
2 eggs
100g chocolate (melted)
80g flour (or pancake mix)
optional: 20g cocoa powder
50g chocolate (cut in small pieces)

oven baking temperature: 180 C°
baking time: ~25min

1. Mix butter and sugar together
2. Add the eggs and mix everything well
3. Melt the chocolate and add it to the butter, sugar, egg mixture
4. Add the flour (and the cocoa powder)
5. Cut the chocolate in to small pieces and add it to the chocolate dough
6. Bake the brownies for about 25 minutes
7. Take the finished brownies out and put the marshmallows on the hot cake. Press it down lightly and decorate it with chocolate or fake blood (red food colouring)

I ripped some of the marshmallows… …and coloured it with red food colouring decorate with chocolate Zombie ghosts Enjoy your brownie!
Found the recipe @tastyjapan


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