Aki no Matsuri 2013

Konnichiwa minna-san! 。・∀・)ノ゛ Hello everyone!

I still have a topic, that I wanted to get rid of (>ω<。). While I was busy to write about my Japan holidays, I didn’t find the time to show you the Aki no Matsuri, a Japanese-Otaku event, which is similar to JapAniMangaNight. You could take part in various workshops, Japanese courses or watch anime movies. Furthermore, in the main hall you had the opportunity to see Cosplay contests, buy mangas or marvel at talented artists during their art work. There was a pretty Maid Cafe too, where you could enjoy sweet treats. Aki no Matsuri just started in November last year and is probably the only event that I know in the region of Central Switzerland. All other famous Conventions are quite far away from my hometown. There are still some improvements need to be made at the Aki no Matsuri, but I am sure that they will manage their “defects” with every new year. I can’t wait to attend and have fun again this year. o(●´ω`●)oわくわく♪

Selfie with Anime posters (*⌒―⌒*) Breathtaking art works!
I wish I could draw manga characters >o<Thank you Matthias, for this picture (。・ω・。)Totoro ^w^The “Japanese food” was very disappointing (´_`。)
Cold noodles and half-frozen Onigiri!! (; ̄д ̄)ハァ↓↓
Hope it will be better this year…Painting Workshopthey were very concentrated ^.^My friend drew Funassy!! *kawaii*Cosplay Contest@the maid cafe Thanks everyone! You guys are awesome ^^

7 responses to “Aki no Matsuri 2013

  1. This event looks very interesting!
    However, I hope you can enjoy the food more next time (><)
    Your outfit is very cute! (^O^)

  2. So lovely photos! I love your outfit! ♡

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! I hope we will keep in touch x)

    ✿ Rinako ✿

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