Aki no Matsuri 2016


Hi Sweethearts!

Here are some impressions of the Aki no Matsuri in Zofingen – a Cosplay, Anime, Japan-related event. Some of you probably already know about it from my past entries. I have been there almost every year. Unfortunately I could not go last year… the tickets were sold out very quickly, since the event became so popular *buhuu*. Anyway, I could get a ticket for this year! The event became bigger now. Instead of one day, you could enjoy various workshops, performances, maid cafe, shopping and game dungeon for two days! We have been (only) on Sunday although. I enjoyed the Cosplay events and the dance show from BerryKiss.

This convention was the last one for this year. I am so excited for the next events in 2017! Can’t wait! ヾ( ̄∇ ̄=ノ バンザーイ♪


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aki-no-matsuri-2016-1my outfit for the AnMaki-no-matsuri-2016-2the cat ears are from Little Lycan btw aki-no-matsuri-2016-3 aki-no-matsuri-2016-4 aki-no-matsuri-2016-5aki-no-matsuri-2016-eg aki-no-matsuri-2016-og aki-no-matsuri-2016-ug aki-no-matsuri-2016-6 aki-no-matsuri-2016-7artists aki-no-matsuri-2016-8 aki-no-matsuri-2016-9One Piece Anime Figurinesaki-no-matsuri-2016-10Japanese Sweets aki-no-matsuri-2016-11 aki-no-matsuri-2016-12 aki-no-matsuri-2016-13Forced my sister to wear a Lolita dress ^.^aki-no-matsuri-2016-15aNostalgic aki-no-matsuri-2016-14Tekken makes me actually really aggressive,
but I love the game xDaki-no-matsuri-2016-16 aki-no-matsuri-2016-17the good old times aki-no-matsuri-2016-18MikuMikuDance!
The palyers were soooooo good,
they always chose level “extreme hard”aki-no-matsuri-2016-19Cosplay Contestaki-no-matsuri-2016-20 aki-no-matsuri-2016-21 aki-no-matsuri-2016-22 aki-no-matsuri-2016-23Shooting with Ranma ♡ aki-no-matsuri-2016-24Posing with my lovely Sis aki-no-matsuri-2016-15and sharing my ears with my friends :) aki-no-matsuri-2016-25 aki-no-matsuri-2016-26 aki-no-matsuri-2016-27BerryKiss!
May I should attend this dance group ♡!!aki-no-matsuri-2016-28


2 responses to “Aki no Matsuri 2016

  1. Wenn ich all den Süßkram und die Figuren sehe juckt es mich in den Fingern.
    Für nächstes Jahr habe ich vier Cons auf dem Plan. Normalerweise sind es nur ein bis zwei im Jahr gewesen bisher. XP

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