Go Nuts for Chestnuts!


Did I hear chestnuts?!!

I guess this is the main reason why Autumn is one of my very favourite season. I love roasted chestnuts and vermicelles throughout my life, but my addiction began actually when I found the chestnut chocolate of Lindt at the Coop supermarket (this was around three years ago?). From that moment on, I started to buy and try mostly EVERYTHING with the word “chestnut”. More and more stores started to sell various products with chestnut flavours. Let me show you some of my hauls♪

Who else goes nuts for chestnuts? :))

chestnut-marroni-autumn-2 chestnut-marroni-autumn-3It all started with these Lindt Chocoletti!
Can’t get enough of them!!!
I got it from the Coop supermarketchestnut-marroni-autumn-5You could buy Vermicelles Frey Chocolate
at the Migros supermarket last year.
Don’t know, if they are still selling it.
chestnut-marroni-autumn-6My favourite Farmer
from the Migros supermarketchestnut-marroni-autumn-7 chestnut-marroni-autumn-8Chestnut yoghurt
I personally like the one from Migroschestnut-marroni-autumn-9Ravioli with chestnut
from Coopchestnut-marroni-autumn-4and Marroni-Spätzli
*mhmmmm*chestnut-marroni-autumn-11the classical way:
roasted chestnuts ♡ chestnut-marroni-autumn-10

One response to “Go Nuts for Chestnuts!

  1. Since they’re expensive, chestnuts aren’t very popular here. However, if they’re available and I can afford some, I definitiely buy them. They’re so tasty!! I love them!!

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