Go Nuts for Chestnuts!


Did I hear chestnuts?!!

I guess this is the main reason why Autumn is one of my very favourite season. I love roasted chestnuts and vermicelles throughout my life, but my addiction began actually when I found the chestnut chocolate of Lindt at the Coop supermarket (this was around three years ago?). From that moment on, I started to buy and try mostly EVERYTHING with the word “chestnut”. More and more stores started to sell various products with chestnut flavours. Let me show you my autumn hauls ♪

Who else goes nuts for chestnuts? :))


  • Yoghurt: from Migros & Coop
  • Lindt Chocolate: from Coop
  • Farmer (grain bar): from Migros
  • Ravioli: from Coop

chestnut-marroni-autumn-2 chestnut-marroni-autumn-3It all started with these Lindt Chocoletti!
Can’t get enough of them!!!
I got it from the Coop supermarketchestnut-marroni-autumn-5You could buy Vermicelles Frey Chocolate
at the Migros supermarket last year.
Don’t know, if they are still selling it.
chestnut-marroni-autumn-6My favourite Farmer
from the Migros supermarketchestnut-marroni-autumn-7 chestnut-marroni-autumn-8Chestnut yoghurt
I personally like the one from Migroschestnut-marroni-autumn-9Ravioli with chestnut
from Coopchestnut-marroni-autumn-4and Marroni-Spätzli
*mhmmmm*chestnut-marroni-autumn-11the classical way:
roasted chestnuts ♡ chestnut-marroni-autumn-10


One response to “Go Nuts for Chestnuts!

  1. Since they’re expensive, chestnuts aren’t very popular here. However, if they’re available and I can afford some, I definitiely buy them. They’re so tasty!! I love them!!

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