My second Home

“Ahh, it is so nice to be back home” ~ this was the first thing I was thinking when I left the bus and arrived at my granny’s home on Friday, 11 October 2013. My sister and I left the two boys in Osaka to visit our granny, auntie, uncle and our two cousins during the weekend. Time was limited and we wanted to do and see as much as possible from Saturday to Sunday, before we went back to Osaka on Monday. Our auntie and my two lovely cousins took the days off extra for us – they took us to many shopping centers, we ate yummy (and reasonable) Sushi, we had fun at the game centers and made Purikura-photos, I got to know Roby (a very handsome and cute Mokeke ^.^) and we went to the Onsen-bath for relaxation. I felt very sad to say goodbye on Monday – the weekend went by too quickly. Nevertheless, I was happy to see my relatives again after 3 full years. Granny, auntie, uncle and my beloved cousins; thank you so much for the great hospitality! I miss you all and I look forward to meet you soon again.

Snack to go for our three-hours bus-drive My grandma’s self-made decoration ^^
This is home!I love Japanese Onabe (hot pot)!My uncle showed us the photo albums from fromer times…Childhood memories ^3^ Japanese toast and Kaki *so yummy* My Sis, Me and my two cousins Purikura! OMG, it was LOVE at first sight!
His name is Bean and he is a Mokeke (Japanese? alien)
kyaaa, isn’t he cute?! ♪ダイ((*´∀`人´∀`*))スキ♪ Dinner! My cousin with my sister’s face *lol*


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