Tokyo – we are coming!

Hello Honeys,

let’s move on to another part in Japan. (★・ω・)/ On Monday, 14 October 2013 we took the Shinkansen to get to the capital city; Tokyo! With the JR-pass we could travel 7 days for free with all JR-lines around Japan. For tourists the JR-pass is a reasonable offer, since one way from Osaka to Tokyo by train already costs 14’000 Yen (= ~ 125 Swiss Francs / ~135 $). The rail pass was around 260 CHF / 285 $. From Osaka main station you can reach Tokyo within 3 hours. We bought us some yummy Bento lunch boxes and had a pleasant journey until we arrived in Shibuya, Tokyo. The next blog entries will be about Shibuya itself, we went to see the Tokyo Tower, we had a great day at Tokyo Disney Land and I will also show you guys some shopping places like Harajuku and of course the famous department store Shibuya 109. Stay tuned~ ♬

We didn’t know how to get to Osaka main station (Shinosaka)…
A lovely Granny helped us and she has even drawn a map for us! >.<
Japanese people are soooo friendly (●´o`●)ノ⌒☆

*happy smile*

Bento lunch boxes!! Mhhhh *_____*

Let’s go ^.^
PS. my new glasses! Bought them in Osaka =)

Tadaaa, this was my lunch box!

so delicious!

Welcome to Tokyo!

OMG, look at this…! Yeah, that’s Tokyo *lol*

Finally arriving at Shibuya

Shibuya 109 スキ━・:*(〃∇〃人)*:・━!!!!

Look at this dog…!?

Sweet treat before heading to the hotel~

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