Nice to meet you!

Hello World! Nice to meet you *nyan*!

My name is Hana! Mummy named me after the Japanese word 花 which means “flower”. The last 8 weeks I spent my time with my real Mum and Dad and grew up with my brother and sister. Miho-chan, my new Mummy picked me up on Easter Monday. I had a long exhausting journey behind me until I could leave the dark and narrow cage. Miho-chan smuggled me into her room, because she didn’t inform her mother about my arrival. She was a bit scared, that she wouldn’t accept me or stop Miho-chan from picking me up. Although, the secret didn’t last long, I guess I was a bit noisy with my *meow*, so Miho-Mama discovered me quickly. Miho-chan didn’t get into big trouble, but I could see Miho-Mama kicking Miho-chans butt.

In the meantime, Miho-Mama likes me. I am a part of the family and they both take good care of me *nyaa*

While Mummy is at work or at school, I play with my mouse-toy or with a scrunched up ball of paper. When Mummy comes home in the evening, she cuddles and plays with me. I receive much kindness and affection and when Miho-chan is doing her homework I love to climb around, I snuggle on her lap and play with her hairs – it’s the best way to get her attention!

Miho-Mama and Miho-chan told me that they had a cat three years ago and I look similar to her. Figaro was a friendly and relaxed cat and left a lot of beautiful memories. I try to be a good girl too and I wanna experience many exciting adventures like Figaro did! I wish I could meet her, she could tell me a lot of interesting stories about her and Miho-chan’s life.

Maybe you have already noticed: Miho-chan created a new page especially for me. On Hana’s Diary you can follow my growth and you’ll find all updates, pictures and blog entries about me.

So, this is all I wanted to say at the moment.  I am so tired~ *nyaaa* I’m going to take a nap on Mummy’s lap!



7 responses to “Nice to meet you!

  1. Jöööö!!!! abr wtf hesh die Katz ohni Vorwarnig mithei gno? *haha* aber herzig ish sie… und ich lieb ds Lindt-Goldhase-Glöckli, haha =D

    • Jaaa, Laurita, ich hans so gmacht xD Es esch äbbe so onsecher gseh, öb mini Mum es Büssi akzeptiert oder ned *__* Sie hed sie jetzt aber au gänz gärn *puuh, nomol glöck gha* >w<
      S Lindt-Goldhase-Glöckli esch grad perfekt gsii, wenn sie mol gross esch, geds de es rechtigs =)

  2. かわいい~ mihochan… she’s too cute!! I love her color!! I miss having an animal T.T she seems to really love you :) can’t wait to see more cute pictures of her! and you :)

    • she is such a lovely girl ♥ it’s nice to have somebody around, especially when you are alone at home. The atmosphere is more “lively” ^^

  3. Jöööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööö, will au wieder es Büsi. Isch jo allerliebscht de graui Stubetiger.

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