Christmas 2011

24 December 2011
spending time at home~
Takoyaki dinner & Shortcake/Cupcake challenge


Hello my friends!

Hope you all could had a sparkling Christmas. I ate and baked a lot, and had a very nice time during this weekend. *uff* it was quite exhausting – the days flew by so quickly!  And there are only 5 days until it’s New Year!! uaaah, so busy, busy, busy!!!

How were your Christmas days?

our new Takoyaki machine!!!xmasmummy5my shortcake challengexmasmummy6Let’s startxmasmummy7xmasmummy8xmasmummy10xmasmummy11xmasmummy12xmasmummy13 xmasmummy14challenge completed!! My first Strawberry Shortcake ♥ *proud*
from sponge cake to topping and decoration – everything made on my own!xmasmummy15yum yum Takoyaki~xmasmummy4xmasmummy3xmasmummy17 xmasmummy18xmasmummy1and dessert timexmasmummy22xmasmummy21xmasmummy19 xmasmummy23oh yes, nearly forgot: my cupcake challenge is completed too ^^ xmasmummy20

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