How to make Anpan | Recipe


Anpan アンパン is a Japanese sweet treat, a bun filled with red bean paste. May some of you know Anpanman アンパンマン, the Japanese anime cartoon series for young children. I grew up with this anime cartoon so he was my superhero in my childhood!! アンパンマン is a kind of superman who fights against bad guys and helps the people of the town. アンパンマン’s head is made of Anpan and when you eat a piece of it, you become fit and strong ^_^

Are you ready to make your own superhero?
For about 7 Anpan you need:

3 cups of flour
2/3 cup of milk
2 eggs
3 tablespoon of sugar
3 tablespoon of butter
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of active dry yeast

Anko for the filling

for selfmade Tsubu-An (=red bean paste)
250g Azuki beans
200g of sugar
a pinch of salt

selfmade Tsubu-An (when you have enough time ^^)
1. Place the beans in a deep pot and fill in some water until it covers the beans
2. Boil the beans for about 5 minutes
3. After boiling, pour out the water and add new water to the beans (the water should cover the beans)
4. Repeat step 3 two or even three times
5. Put the pot on low heat and simmer the beans for 1 ~2 hours until they become soft
6. Remove the excess water and add the sugar
7. Cook the beans some more minutes until it is thickened

Anpan dough
1. Put the flour, eggs (save some egg yolk for later) milk, sugar, salt, butter, active dry yeast together and kneat to a dough by using your hands
2. Let the dough rest for about 15 minutes with a damp cloth laid on top to keep them from drying out

1. Form little balls and flatten them
2. Put some Tsubu-An in the middle of the dough
3. Pull the dough over and seal completely
4. Put the sealed side onto your baking sheet
5. Brush the remaining egg yolk on the top of the buns
6. If you like you can sprinkle each Anpan with sesame seeds
7. Bake the Anpan about 25 ~ 30 minutes, till golden brown

anpan-recipe-3 anpan-recipe-5 anpan-recipe-6 anpan-recipe-1 anpan-recipe-7 anpan-recipe-9 anpan-recipe-8


8 responses to “How to make Anpan | Recipe

  1. みほちゃんのアンパンおいしそう!hahaha oh and the anpan man cartoon!!! なつかしいな~ but when i was young i watched it in chinese ^^
    and you’re so good at baking pastries!! how many years have you been baking?

    • in Chinese, really? I wonder how アンパンまん sounds in Chinese *haha*
      Mhm… I think I have been baking since 2 years? Everything started with my beloved Muffins ^o^
      Afterwards I took on some challenges on other cakes and pastries ;)

  2. wuaaaaah おいしそう~
    Recently I’ve eaten a yummy Anpan from Hiro Takahashi: :D :D It’s a long story but the nice ladies from the Nishis shop in Zürich gave it to us =) I will absolutely do something with Anko again. Do you know what’s the difference between Anko and Tsubuan? (I can’t really find one since the preparation of the beans is the same..?) Funnily I bought a package of red beans just yesterday :) Yours really make me want to take a bite… the sesame looks really cute and of course the one with the Anpanman face is adorable =)

    • I now Takahashi! Sometimes, my Mum brings some sweets or cakes home. It is the best Japanese patisserie maker we know! You can taste “Japan” in these little desserts :) On Christmas I am going to make my first strawberry shortcake xD (and some cookies & cupcakes as well) Ah, I can’t until christmas! (But without snow is a bit sad and I don’t get in the festive mood…TT_TT)

    • oh, I nearly forgot to answer your question xD
      Anko and Tsubuan is the same – “anko” is just the main word for the red bean paste. You can split Anko into Tsubuan, Koshian etc… ^^

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