Random Things to Do in Tottori

Tottori is one of the most underrated prefecture in Japan – but it offers more than you might think! Each time when I am back, I appreciate the non-touristic and less crowded environment after a hectic time in Tokyo. I usually stay in Tokyo for shopping and beauty reasons (my hairdresser is in Harajuku) before visiting Tottori, but this time (and for the first time), I went straight to Tottori and planned the ‘fun part’ at the end of my trip. To save time in Tokyo, I had a haircut at the beauty salon i-dee. The interior was very pretty, the staff super friendly and the salon was easily reachable by foot (12min from Tottori Station). It was located just next to Don Quijote, so guess what I did after my beauty session ^.^ In general, I don’t stay long in Tottori and I rarely have time to do sightseeing because family, shopping and pancakes (@ Oenosato Natural Farm) comes first. However, this time I planned a day trip to retro Wakasa and we did a mini trip to Yura, Kurashiki and Okayama (blog post coming soon). Even if I was travelling all on my own, I never felt lonely. I am taking this opportunity to thank my cousine for taking extra time off for me. Thank you to my relatives for their hospitality and a big thanks to the lovely neighbors, who brought me my favourite fall fruits Nashi (pear) and Kaki (persimmon). Thanks everyone for making my trip so wonderful!

Things to do in Tottori ↓↓↓ Hidden Gems and more!


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