Best Pancakes in Japan: Oenosato Natural Farm – Cocogarden

If I had a free wish right now, I would beam myself to the Coco Garden in Yazu, Tottori! Are you looking for the best pancakes in Tottori? At Oenosato Natural Farm you will definitely find it! For me it is even the best pancake worldwide. I have tried many other pancakes around Japan, but no one can beat the fluffy and exquisite dough from Coco Garden! Arg, I miss it so much. The cafe is good visited, so I recommend you to book a table in advance. You can do it online (link below) however, the site is only available in Japanese. If you have any problems, just ask at the hotel reception for assistance – if necessary they can make a reservation by phone.

So how to get there? There are several ways explained on the official homepage, but since it is only in Japanese, let me show you two options. From Tottori station it is about 30 minutes by taxi/car (The taxi is quite expensive and one way costs around 6’000 Yen). The cheapest and easiest way by public transport is to take the train from Tottori station to Koge station, Yazu (one way approx. 17 min / 240 Yen) and then to take the 100 Yen circular route bus called Sun Sun Bus (さんさんバス) to Oenosato (大江倉庫行き). You only pay a flat fare of 100 Yen for one trip. Please get off at Oenosato Shizen Bokujo (大江ノ郷自然牧場), it is approx. 15 minutes from Koge station. There are also 100 Yen circular buses from Tottori station with different lines (blue, red, green). You cannot take them to Coco Garden, but if you are looking for a cheap way to do some sightseeing tour in Tottori, I recommend you to hop on one of these bus.

Arriving at the Oenosato Natural Farm, you will see the Coco Garden just in front of you. If you go more up, you can visit another section – the Oenosato Village – which has a restaurant and a little market space where you can marvel at the Baumkuchen production or buy products from the farm (Tenbiran eggs, soy sauce, pudding, cakes and more). So back at the Coco Garden, my ritual is as follows: First, I order the Tamagokake Gohan Lunch Set (580 ~ 950 Yen), it is a set with rice, raw egg and soup. In Japan you put the raw egg on top of the rice, add soy sauce, mix everything well and your Tamagokake Gohan is finish! It sounds strange, but I am sure you will love it. And you don’t have to be afraid of the raw egg, because everything in Japan is very very fresh! And for dessert (guess what!) I order a super fluffy pancake! Generally, I order the plain one (680 Yen / 1’050 Yen with a drink) because I am quite full after the lunch set. The pancake needs around 20 ~ 30 minutes until it’s ready for your tummy. You won’t regret it!

Natural Farm Coco Garden
ココガーデン | 大江ノ郷自然牧場
877 Hashimoto, Yazu, Yazu District, Tottori 680-0414, Japan
+81 570-077-505

Reservation online (only in Japanese):

Opening Hours:
10.00 – 18.00 (last order 17.00/17.30)

Time table Sun Sun Bus:

Link PDF to time table

Time table for circle bus from Koge Station – Oenosato
Please check the latest departures on the official page
The image is from 03.2020
Monday – Saturday:And for Sunday & Public HolidaysWe had so much snow on that day! At cocogarden you can enjoy the best pancakes! Look at this! You can buy Baumkuchen and other specialities Arg, this menu! (Xmas Special) This is the Tamagokake Gohan Lunch Set This view~ Itadakimasu! (Let’s eat!) Happy me :) All I need is this pancake! This fluffy dough!! nom nom This is how they make Baumkuchen If you have time, check out the Oenosato Village  Here is another restaurant and a small market space You can buy Tenbiran eggs here! This chicken is made of sand Don’t foget to check the time table before heading back home


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