Conan Town Yura Hokuei | Tottori Day Trip

Tottori is one of the most forgotten prefectures in Japan, but there are many interesting spots, which you can discover in this rural prefecture! If you are a 90s kid like me, Tottori has a special place in my heart – it is home of the famous Japanese manga artist Gosho Aoyama and the birth place of Detective Conan. Gosho Aoyama was born as Yoshimasa Aoyama in Hokuei, a small town near Kurayoshi. I didn’t know this fact for a long time until they rebuilt the Tottori airport to Conan airport. Some years ago, I had the chance to visit the Conan Museum, but that was all. There are many more Conan attractions, artworks and objects around the town and this year I planned to do a little day trip from Tottori. Luckily, my cousine had some days off, so we decided to combine our journey with a shopping trip to Okayama and Kurashiki. Our first stop was Yura station, where you can take a picture with a giant Detective Conan statue. The second location was the Great Conan Bridge and the Department Store area, where you can buy souvenirs, enjoy Conan-themed treats and ring the doorbell of Conan’s House (Kudo Residence). The last stop was the Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory, but since we did not have much time and I have already been there, we just went to the souvenir shop (free entry for the Museum Shop).

Next up I am going to introduce in detail the Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory. I can’t believe it’s been three years already!

Our route in a nutshell:
– Yura Station, Tottori
– Great Conan Bridge
– Conan Department Store: Conan Maze, Conan’s Kitchen, Conan Gelato, Beika Shopping Street, Conan’s House, Café Poirot
– Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory

Download the Conan Map (pdf available):
Other things to do in Tottori: check my blog post here


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