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Tottori is not a typical tourist destination in Japan, nevertheless, it is home for me and this prefecture has more to offer than just the sand dunes! You can visit hot springs, natural parks, historical sites as well as old houses and streets with a traditional atmosphere. If you like the Anime Detective Conan or GeGeGe No Kitaro, you definitely should plan a stop here, both manga artist Gosho Aoyama and Mizuki Shigeru were born and raised in Tottori prefecture. There are several spots where you can meet Conan and Kitaro characters. I have already wrote a blog post about Tottori, but things have changed and I thought of doing a recap together with my travel memories of this year. Hope you enjoy it!

Sightseeing & Attractions
– Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport
– Tottori Sand Dunes
– Mizuki Shigeru Road (GeGeGe No Kitaro and Yokai Road)
– Tottori Castle Ruins
– Jinpu-kaku Hall (Filming Location of Rurouni Kenshin)
– Hakuto Shrine & Beach
– Ube Shrine
– Mt. Daisen
– Mt. Mitoku

– Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory (Detective Conan Museum)
– GeGeGe No Kitaro | Mizuki Shigeru Museum (@ Mizuki Shigeru Road)
– The Sand Museum
– Watanabe Art Musem
– Tottori Perfectural Museum
– Yonago City Museum of Art

Personal Favourite Restaruants & Cafés
– Oenosato Natural Farm (they have the best pancakes!)
– Oenokian (try the pink curry!)
– Kirin café (Taiyaki made of puff pastry)
– Wakabayashi (Japanese Food / Fish)
– Ichiba-Shokudo Karo (Japanese Food / Fish)


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