The Ultimate Crash Landing on You Itinerary | Filming Locations in Switzerland

Here comes the ultimate Crash Landing on You filming location itinerary! I wanted to do this trip for such a long time and now I can finally share you my movie location trip, where I visited some famous spots around Switzerland within 2 days. Before we start, some background information about the Korean Drama – Yoon Se-Ri (Son Ye-Jin) is a heiress to a conglomerate in South Korea and one day, she accidentally landed in North Korea while she went paragliding. In North Korea, she meets Ri Jeong-Hyeok (Hyun-Bin) who is a North Korean army officer, who tries to hide and protect her and trying to get Se-Ri back save to South Korea. As you can imagine, they fall in love…

Crash Landing on You became one of the highest-rated drama in Korean TV history and I can truly believe that there are many people from Asia, who can’t wait to travel again to see the beautiful Swiss scenery, which appears partially during the episodes. Yes, those breathtaking locations actually exists in real life and they can be visited. To be honest, I have never heard about this Korean Drama before and my mum literally forced me to watch it and showed me the trailer many many times, lol! I give it a try by watching the first episode and my mum was totally right, the drama is super heart touching (you will cry a lot – at least I did, but in a good way) and it has just the perfect mix of romance, family and friendship.

In this blog post, I will show you my personal Crash Landing on You itinerary, trying to capture most of the filming location of Switzerland in two days, starting from Lucerne. If you are coming from abroad, I would even recommend you to start from Zurich city, so you can cover even more movie spots like the Lindenhof, Münsterbrücke, Schweizer Heimatwerk and the famous train scene episodes of Yoon Se-Ri and Seo Dan. If you are interested or even planning to see all of the Swiss shooting locations, I listed them all up per episode at the end of this post. I hope this blog post will be helpful for your next Crash Landing on You movie-themed vacation in Switzerland – if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Take care everyone and happy travelling!

사랑의 불시착
Korean Drama 2019-2020
Watch it on Netflix

The whole itinerary in a nutshell:

House in Kaiserstuhl-Bürglen
Last Scene of Ri & Seri in Switzerland
from Kaiserstuhl OW station to Mülifluestr. 11, 6078 Bürglen (7min by foot)
Arrival at around 09:42 / Photo Stop (approx. 1h)

Transfer from Kaiserstuhl to Iseltwald
10:44 Kaiserstuhl OW > 11:33 Brienz / by train
11:40 Brienz (See) > 12:07 Iseltwald (See) / by boat (BAT 62)
PS. Seri was on the motor ship called “Iseltwald”

Iseltwald Harbor & Riverside
Famous Piano Scene & Opening Sequence
from Iseltwald Dorfplatz to the harbor (1min by foot)
from Iseltwald Dorfplatz to the riverside / Schorren (8-10min by foot)
Arrival at around 12:00 / Lunch & Photo Stop (approx. 4h until depart of the boat)
Tip: Lunch Stop @ Hotel Chalet Du Lac

Transfer from Iseltwald to Grandhotel Giessbach
15:52 Iseltwald (See) > 16:09 Giessbach See / by boat (BAT 71)

Grandhotel Giessbach
Ri’s “Music School”
Arrival at around 16:10 / Check-In Hotel, Photo Stop & Dinner at 19:00
*Since 13.09.2021 you will need a COVID-Certificate for indoor dinning (& other activities) in Switzerland

Breakfast & Check-Out Grandhotel Giessbach
Breakfast starting from 8 pm / Check-out until 11 pm

Transfer from Grandhotel Giessbach to Sigriswil
11:09 Giessbach See > 11:20 Brienz (See) / by boat (BAT 61)
11:37 Brienz > 11:55 Interlaken Ost / by train
12:08 Interlaken Ost > 12:47 Gunten, Dorf / by bus
12:49 Gunten, Dorf > 12:56 Sigriswil, Dorf / by bus

Panorama Bridge (Panoramabrücke) in Sigriswil
Scene where Seri took a picture of Ri & Dan (she tried to commit suicide)
from Sigriswil, Dorf to the Panorama Bridge (1min by foot)
You need to get a ticket to cross the Bridge (Price Adult: CHF 8)
Photo Stop (approx. 1-2h) incl. Lunch stop @ Hotel Restaurant Panorama Tsang (Highly recommended!)

Transfer from Sigriswil to Interlaken
15:26 Aeschlen ob Gunten, Dorf > 15:35 Oberhofen a. T., Dorf / by bus
15:46 Oberhofen a. T., Dorf > 16:28 Interlaken Ost / by bus

Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa in Interlaken
Scene where Seri attends an annual piano recital to meet Ri
from Interlaken Ost station (12min by foot) /
from Interlaken Jungfraustrasse (3min by foot)
Photo Stop incl. Coffee Break (approx. 1h before going back home)
PS. The scene with the piano concert was in the great hall called “La Salle de Versailles”
Sadly, we could not see the great hall due to event preparations, but the atmosphere was still worth it!!

Summary of all filming locations in Switzerland:

Titel Intro – Opening Sequence
Zürich: Lindenhof
Iseltwald: Schorren (street by Lake Brienz)

Episode 2
Zürich: City from aboveBaden: Museum Langmatt (where Seri applied to an assisted suicide facility)
Lauterbrunnen: Kleine Scheidegg (Train Station)

Episode 4
Sigriswil: Panoramabrücke (Panorama Bridge)

Episode 7
The “Piano Scene” in the theater has actually been filmed at the Sunrise Theater (Ansan Arts Center / 안산문화예술의전당)
Iseltwald: Boat’s Stop Harbor, Landing Stage (Lake Brienz)
Cruises on Lake Brienz /Boat Scene with Seri: Motor Ship “Iseltwald”

Episode 8
Flashback (Piano Scene): Iseltwald, Boat’s Stop Harbor, Landing Stage
Zürich (City)
Brienz: Grandhotel Giessbach

Episode 11
Flashback 7 Years ago – Zürich (City):
Schweizer Heimatwerk
Grindelwald: First – Schreckfeld

Episode 12
Flashback Sigriswil: Panorama Bridge & Grindelwald: First – Schreckfeld

Episode 13
Flashback Sigriswil Panorama Bridge

Episode 16
Zürich City
Interlaken: Jungfraujoch
Sigriswil: Panorama Bridge
Zürich: Münsterbrücke / Lindenhof (Piano)
Iseltwald: Boat’s Stop Harbor, Landing Stage
Grindelwald: First Flieger (Paragliding)
Interlaken: Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa (La Salle de Versailles)
Obwalden: Lake Lungern (House in Kaiserstuhl-Bürglen, Mülifluestrasse 11, 6078 Bürglen)


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