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Today, I am going to show you some really cute stickers from Poroful is an artist based in Hong Kong and creates amazing artworks of Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Ghibli and the cute Puffi mouse (Poroful’s mascot) and more. Poroful offers more than just stickers – you can also find enamel pins, washi tapes, accessories, acrylic stands, prints and keychains. The stickers came in a very good quality, the prints are very clear and the sticker paper is very strong, I loved everything. Shipping time was around one month (it might got delayed because of corona and Xmas business), which is still fine – I am more than happy when everything arrives safe & sound. I even got some extra stickers, which I always appreciate. Thank you for this lovely happy mail, Poroful, I will definitively buy some stickers again!

Price per sticker: approx. 2 CHF
(HK$ 38.00)
Shipping: 4.30 CHF (HK$ 38.00)
Shipping time was around 1 month (from Hong Kong to Switzerland)
Discount Code: BEARHUGS for -10%

Such a cute name card!Look at these stickers! it was hard to choose!!! That Ditto is probably my favourite sticker! My extra stickers (from Animal Crossing)
Thank you so much Poroful!Outcome – hope you like it :) Animal Crossing themed envelopes Celeste and Blathers My full order:


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