Schwarzkopf Brillance Gloss Hypnotics Grafitsilber Review

I usually don’t make any hair colour reviews, because hair dying from brown to black is quite boring (unless it is a fancy Ombre hair, may you remember my red hairs from last year). Nevertheless, I found a very special colour called “882 Grafitsilber” (graphite silver/grey) from Schwarzkopf at the Müller drugstore and this might be useful for people who would like to know the outcome of this colour on natural dark brown hair. Well I was looking for a review myself, but couldn’t find any… so here it is!

Let’s start with some details about the permanent hair colour, the original price was CHF ($) 7.80 but I could get it for approx. CHF ($) 5 instead. The set comes with a colour cream, care conditioner, gloves and a glittery hair make-up. The glitter looks so pretty and I haven’t seen this product or anything similar before, so if you know any sparkling hair make-up liquid, please let me know! I mixed it to my usual LUX hair treatment and the light glitter effect looked heavenly! Speaking about the graphite silver colour, I honestly have to say that I was looking forward to something special, but the result was more a black hair colour with a bluish touch than “grey”. At least I got my shininess back and the colour is perfectly fine and worth the money. I might buy it again, just because of the glitter, haha!

Brillance Gloss Hypnotics from Schwarzkopf
882 Grafitsilber (graphite silver/grey)This colour made me curious! Following products were included I really love this sparkling hair make-up! Glitter~ I wish I could buy this glittery hair-makeup somewhere!Alright, this is my (more or less) natural colour
My hair is dark brownLet’s dye my hair! After a while it became purple! Outcome (wet hair) Let’s add some glitter! I mixed it with my usual hair treatment (LUX hair cream) You can’t see it clearly, but is was sparkling so pretty! Outcome (blow-dried hair) Before and After Result: black with a bluish touch I want this hair make-up so badly lol!


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