Hair Flambé… Ombre… whatever

It’s time for a change! Ok, it is only for a short time and a little bit just for fun. I wanted to colour my hair for such a long time. Since I quit my job, I could finally do it! It’s not that it was prohibited to change your hair colour at my company, but I would not feel comfortable with colourful hair as long as I was working. I am going to cut my hair in some weeks anyway, before I start my new job, so I wanted to give them some change. Red was always my favourite and Ombre hair is easy to fix (just chop off the hair-ends). We used bleaching powder from a hairdresser and permanent colour (light red) from Syoss. My sister likes to use the colour ‘Directions’, which is not a permanent colour though. Everything worked well and my boyfriend did a great work. I am super happy with the result, but also can’t wait to get shorter hair soon. Stay tuned!

Have you ever changed your hair colour?

Beforebleaching powder tools we used wait for 40 minutes… this was step 1 I actually liked this colour too! step 2 – red hair, here we go! voilà! done! I like :))

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