How to make Konbini Onigiri | Tuna Mayo

Konnichiwa everybody!

Today, I am going to show you how to make Konbini (styled) Onigiri. I made them a long time ago and forgot to post it on my blog. First of all, make sure to get all ingredients (for the filling we used tuna-mayo, but you can add salmon flakes, umeboshi or other fillings you like). The rice ball wraps (Onigiri wrapping sheet) can be bought at supermarkets or Daiso, 100 Yen Shop in Japan. You will find below my step-by-step instruction, however, it might be easier to watch my video. So let’s start:

1) First wash the rice and cook it together witch 1 stick of Kombu Dashi (5g), a teaspoon of plant oil (egoma, sunflower or walnut) and a teaspoon of salt.
2) While the rice is cooking, you can prepare the filling. You need one can of tuna, mayonnaise and a teaspoon of Tsuyu. Mix everything together and you have a yummy tsuna-mayo filling for your Onigiri.
3) For the perfect Onigiri, use approx. 110g of rice. Put the rice on a saran wrap, add a bit of tuna-mayo filling in the middle of the rice and form it to a triangle shaped Onigiri.
4) At the last step, put the Nori sheets into the Onigiri wrapper and fold the edges over the rice ball and fix it with a sticker (more details in my video below).

I hope you enjoyed the recipe instruction – happy easting :)

You can buy ‘Rice Ball Wraps’ in Japan
(also available at Daiso)For the perfect rice, you need Egoma oil, a bit of salt
and Kombu Dashi Powder (Kombu Soup Stock Powder)Egoma (perilla) oil is probably only available in Japan,
but you can simply use sunflower or walnut oil instead! Wash the rice Add the Kombu Dashi Powder (1 stick = 5g) Add (egoma) oil and salt – 1 teaspoon eachMix everything well While the rice is cooking, prepare the tuna mayo!
We tried two different one:We used Kewpie Mayonnaise and tuna from RIO mareand for the other one we used Thomy Mayonnaise
and White Tuna from Coop.
Don’t forget to add one teaspoon of Tsuyu~It slightly tastes different! For the perfect Onigiri, use 110g of rice Put the filling in the middle of the rice Shape it to a traditional Onigiri Handmade Onigiri Now we are going to use the Onigiri Wrappers Apply a sticker and your Onigiri is finish! This is how you open it (follow the numbers) Enjoy~!


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