Animal Crossing: Mokeke Design Templates

Hello everyone!

You probably noticed, that I have been posting a lot of pictures from Animal Crossing New Horizons! The new game for Nintendo Switch is awesome and has so many cool features, I can’t stop playing this game. It’s also the perfect “lifesaver” at the moment (time goes by super fast). I got addicted to the Design App and I finally got my online play, so I uploaded a whole bunch of design templates – feel free to download my designs! And as you know me, my island wouldn’t be perfect without a touch of ‘Mokekes’. Yes, my little friends are even join me in my virtual life. This post will just give you a little preview of my Mokeke templates, please click on the link below to see all templates and further details like creator & design ID as well as my friends code and many other design templates (I am updating my AC page regularly, so don’t forget to check it out from time to time! Hope you will come and visit me on my island someday!

Animal Crossing Designs


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