My Circle Lens Collection


Hello everyone!

Before I have to say goodbye to my beloved Circle Lenses, I wanted to post a summary of my collection. I definitely kept them way too long! I know it is hard to throw them away, but it is the best for your eyes! Old lenses can cause bad damage to your eyes, so keep in mind not to exceed the life span.

I got my very first pair from but I have made very bad experience when it comes to damaged Circle Lenses. You can read my story here… Due to this reasons I changed the supplier and started ordering my lenses from (in the meanwhile they changed their name to I am super satisfied with their service – you even get a free gift with your order. You’ll find more information on my blog post here…

So my lovely Lenses are gone now… however, this is a great opportunity to try and buy new ones, right ^.^? I ordered three new pairs (red, blue and pink) so stay tuned for the review!

CircleLensesCollection_0 CircleLensesCollection_1My natural eye colour is brown: NaturalEyes2 NaturalEyesPuffy 3 ToneCircleLensesPuffy3TonePuffy3Tone_header

EOS Max Pure GreenCircleLensesGreenEOSMaxPureGreen

GEO Bambi ChocolateCircleLensesBrownGeoBambiPrincessMimi

Hyper Color GrayCircleLensesGreyHyperColorGray-Header

Vassen Jewel BrownCircleLensesVassenBrownVassenJewelBrown_header

GEO Beauty BlueGeoBlueLensesGEOBlueH


6 responses to “My Circle Lens Collection

  1. Those are (were? T_T) really nice circle lenses. It’s a shame they can’t be kept for too long, but it’s better to keep your eyes healthy.
    Do you know how to tell which brands are safe for your eyes?. I’ve seen they sell lots of circle lenses at anime conventions, but some might not be safe, because, as I know, there’s no legislation for this kind of contact lenses in my country, and it worries me a little. That’s why I’ve never bought ones, but I’d really like to.

    • That’s a good question. I don’t know if there are safe circle lenses out there… I think it is actually the same like normal lenses – it depends on your hygiene and the right usage of the lenses. I know, it’s not easy to find the right lenses, but at the end, you have try and look which lenses works best for you.

  2. Mir tuts auch immer total leid, wenn ich meine Linsen wegschmeißen muss. Aber besser ist es, ne? XD
    Bin gespannt, wie die neuen so aussehen, die du dir bestellt hast. Deine natürliche Augenfarbe mag ich aber auch total gerne. <3

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