DIY Japanese Candy: Omatsuri & Sushi Kit

Hello everyone!

I hope you liked my travel diary about Japan! Somehow, I am sad that is over, but it’s time for new content! Before I post something about my daily life, here is a special (kind of a) bonus post. As you can imagine, my relatives live in a little village, where it is super “boring” compared to Tokyo. Instead of eating food, reading mangas and watching Animes, my sister and I bought ourselves a DIY candy kit to kill some time and to be – at least a bit – productive. My sister got a Sushi kit and I bought the Omatsuri (Japanese Festival) kit. The instructions are in Japanese, but there are a lot of Youtube videos if you need help or just simply google for instructions in English. The process is not that difficult, just follow the pictures and the numbers step-by-step. We made a video just for fun and successfully finished our sushi/festival dishes within a few minutes.

The instuction is in Japanese,
but online you should find one in English!Just do it step-by-step like on the pictures Sushi Kit Preparing Ikura SushiOmatsuri (Festival) Kit This makes super fun!


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