Halloween Chocolate Mousse – Simple Recipe!

Hi everyone!

Are you excited for Halloween!? Here comes a super easy and nice treat for Halloween. All you need is chocolate and cream! Super delicious and light. I made some really cool Halloween brownies some years ago, so don’t forget to check them out → here!

For the Chocolate Mousse you need:
600 ~ 800ml cream
2 ~ 3 chocolate bars, milk or dark chocolate (melt it in the microwave → see here)

For the decoration:
Chocolate sprinkles (for the “soil”)
Cookies (for the gravestones)

1. Whip the cream until stiff
2. Melt the chocolate in a separate bowl (I recommend you the easy microwave-technique)
3. Add the chocolate to the whipped cream and continue mixing
4. That’s it! For the perfect halloween-look, you can use chocolate sprinkles as soil and a cookie as a gravestone

Melt chocolate in the microwave!
Here is the instructionSwiss cream I put the chocolate cream on the whipped cream Add “soil” to the mousse with chocolate sprinkles  Gravestones (selfmade vanilla cookies) We used a special food colouring pen
for the “RIP” sign Feel free to add sprinkles!
This one is from WiltonLet it rain all over itEnjoy!


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