Japanese Food Art – Gudetama

Hello everyone!

I am back from Japan – and of course with lots of cute and fancy stuff! (There will be a Giveaway soon, so stay tuned!). I saw these Gudetama edible paper on Instagram and I wanted to have it so badly! I checked every character store and couldn’t find it at first. Luckily, the big Kiddy Land in Harajuku had it! You could also buy Rilakkuma and Sumikkogurashi food art paper. I tried it with a simple egg and it was super easy to use and it looked incredibly cute! It doesn’t have any taste so you can put it on anything you like. My egg looked so much better with a Gudetama face, haha!

You have around 17 different charactersCut out your favourite motif Get ready your egg (or whatever should become cute) Put it on your egg Gudetama egg is finished! Awwww Enjoy your cute meal!


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