ONE PIECE x Skechers D’Lites – Chopper Sneakers

Do you believe in love at first sight? This happened to me when my bf showed me the One Piece sneakers from Skechers! Normally, I am not that into sneakers or massive sport shoes, but I must confess that these sneakers really convinced me! I have to say that it was quite difficult to find them, because most of them were sold out and very hard to find (specially in Switzerland!!). I sent several Sneaker stores an email and tried to reach them on Instagram and Facebook (some were quite unfriendly or didn’t even have any idea where they had those shoes on stock, that was quite annoying…). Somehow I managed to order my dream sneakers (Chopper version) at the Sneaker Store in the shopping mall “Mall of Switzerland“. They could organise a pair from the remaining stock in Lausanne. In the meanwhile, you can buy the new second collection of the One Piece collaboration in almost every Skechers store (they only have the women’s shoes at the Mall of Switzerland though). The sneakers are very comfortable and comes with a second shoelace (mine were rose) and a really cool box. They look super nice and I love the combination of blue and pink. Furthermore, I like the small details – the charmingly designed logos and the little surprise inside the shoes. I can’t wait to wear them – oh summer please hurry up!

Here are the Chopper sneakers I bought:I couldn’t find a better one with all ONE PIECE sneakers
from the “first generation” than this picture…
(credit to the owner)Let’s unbox it! Aren’t they cool? If you like, you can change the shoelaceThe symbol and these colours! ONE PIECE X SKECHERS And the details inside the shoes Even the box is a highlight!! Can’t wait to wear them!
Summer please hurry up :DAnd here is the “second generation” of the D’Lites
Now available on


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