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I was focusing on my Amsterdam posts, that I totally forgot to post about my trip in Brussels, Belgium after the Tomorrowland event! So after the bombastic music festival and our short stay in Antwerpen, we had an additional night in Brussels, before we head back home. It took us quite long to travel from Antwerpen to our hotel in Brussels, because of Belgian National Day on 21 July! We didn’t know that it is public holiday, so that’s why the busses were running only hourly. We had to take a Taxi from the station to our hotel. We stayed at the Citadines Apart’hotel, a very beautiful apartment hotel, which was very near from the old town. Since the shops were closed, we did some restaurant-hopping, starting at the Los Tacos, where we had lunch. Then we had a beer stop at the Delirium Café, which is a bar in Brussels known for its long beer list. A must for all beer lovers. Afterwards, we walked to the Grand-Place through a beautiful long hall. Then we went to see the famous Manneken Pis, one of Brussels landmark. It is a small bronze sculpture, depicting a naked little boy urinating into a fountain’s basin. Surprisingly, on this special day, he wore a uniform, which was super cute! When you are in Belgium, don’t forget to try Belgian waffles or chocolate (GODIVA is quite famous and they say Belgian chocolate is the best in the world, however I still remain faithful to Swiss chocolate). In the afternoon we had a coffee break and in the later evening, we had dinner in a rustic restaurant with a nice interior design. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name. The day was lovely and relaxing after a long party night :)

Citadines Apart’hotel

Lunch at Los Tacos Delirium bar – a must for beer lovers

Cheers! When you pass this hall, you will reach the Grand-Place They say Belgian chocolate is the best GODIVA Grand Place (or Grote Markt) is the central square of Brussels Brussels Landmark – Manneken Pis Belgian Waffles Manneken Pis
He actually looks big…but the true size is here:
(he wore a uniform because it was national holiday on that day)

Last dinner.
Sadly, I cannot remember the name of the restaurant Kwak beer!


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