Tomorrowland 2018 | The Story of Planaxis [with Tips & Tricks]

Hello everyone,

One year has already passed, after the amazing Tomorrowland event! It’s time to blog about it :) The Tomorrowland is an electronic dance music festival (EDM) held in Boom, Belgium. It is one of the most famous, world’s largest and notable music festival.

So back in 2018, my working colleagues and I spontaneously decided to go to the Tomorrowland festival. This was easier said than done! You can’t buy tickets out of nowhere, because they are all limited per weekend, country and only available on two specific days. Let me introduce you some tipps for buying tickets and some facts about the festival:


Start with the pre-registration in January on the Tomorrowland website so you won’t miss the ticket sales dates. With the pre-registration, the first 20 people from each country will get guarantee tickets. It is a great chance, if you are not attending to visit the festial on one single day. I was actually one of the lucky ones, however, the tickets were not available for Day tickets (we only wanted to go on one day). The email looks like this:

We believed that we will still get the tickets easily (-actually it’s not- when I think back, we really had super luck at the end). We tried to get them during the official sales dates. So if you are not one of the first 20 people, you still can buy tickets! Just make sure, to stay flexible, check the Tomorrowland newsletters and don’t mind about the money (the ticket prices might vary). Each person can buy 4 tickets, so I would also recommend you to go with three other friends (as we did) and make sure that all are registered and have time to stay in front of the computer during the ticket sales. You can buy tickets on two dates (Last year it was on the 27th January and 3rd February 2018, at 17.00h). You have different tickets like the Full Madness Pass (for the whole weekend) or a Day Pass (for a single day). Then you can choose between the regular, comfort and pleasure pass. The Comfort pass is a “little upgrade” and you will have General access to Tomorrowland and access to the comfort (VIP) zone at the Mainstage and 4 other stages. With the Pleasure pass you will have General access to Tomorrowland and access to 3 different comfort zones, but no access to the comfort zone at the Mainstage and it is only for Day Passes available. We went for the comfort pass, but at the end of the festival, I have to say that the regular pass would be absolutely sufficient. You will have enough access and fun at the “non-VIP” places, they are sometimes even better because you will have nearer access to the stages.

There are multiple ways to get tickets and you can find a lot of tips and tricks on the Internet (from Internet connection to credit card limits – make sure to read them). Get ready before the sale starts and be patient (sometimes it can take more than one hour!), don’t reload your page, just wait and wish to God, that the screen turns to the ticket page – once you’re in, don’t panic (you have limited time to buy the tickets) and choose and click the right weekend/day and pay the price. This is how it looks like, when you (almost) did it :)

After you got your confirmation, you can add the personal data of your accompanying person during a specific time frame. You need to ensure that all of your friends have registered to the Tomorrowland’s site and activate the link, that the main buyer sent to you. After successful processing, you will find your ticket in your account like this:


Congratulations – you finally got your tickets and you’re ready to plan your trip. The flight ticket is probably easy, but how about the accommodation? So there are many options – you can book an accommodation directly at the event (Dreamville) or near the event in Boom or just as we did – choose a lodging in Antwerpen. We had a nice stay at the Astoria Hotel and from Antwerpen to Boom it is around 40 minutes by train. You don’t need to buy a train ticket in advance for going to the festival, however, I would recommend you to buy a train ticket for your return in advance. You can do it online and it costs you only 11 Euros (do it online here It will save you a lot of time and nerves!

Another useful hint is to charge your Tomorrowland bracelet, as soon as you get it! And don’t forget to activate it in your Tomorrowland account. Everything on the festival will be cashless and you need your bracelet – it’s your entry ticket and only payment method at the festival! I suggest you to top it up in advance, it is super easy and you won’t waste time to look out for a charging station at the event. If you don’t know how much, put more money on the bracelet than you expect to use, you will get the remaining amount very quickly and easily back after the whole event is over. You will get “pearls” for your money. 1 pearl is around 1.53 Euro. Non-alcoholic drinks are around 2 pearls, beer and wine around 3.75 pearls and cocktails can vary from 8 to 10 pearls. You can buy food from 6 pearls onwards. Don’t forget to apply for your refund before the final date to ensure you get any unused pearls back to your credit card.

Other useful tips:

– Food, drinks and other liquids (deodorant or perfume) could not be taken to the festival
– You can take empty foldable bottles with you or just keep the one you buy at the festival. When you buy water, the bottle caps will be taken off. You can refill your bottles for free at the bathrooms. (You can try to smuggle a bottle cap of a SPA water bottle)
– If you will get smelly or need any sun protection, you can use deodorants or sunscreen for free at the bathrooms
– You don’t need an umbrella! If it is raining, you can get rain ponchos for free
– Think about earplugs, it can get VERY loud
– A selfie stick under 1m is allowed
– Lockers are located at Dreamville and the entrance
– Power sockets are available
– Medicaments are only allowed with a medical certificate, other pills will be taken away from you
– Only bring a small backpack or bag, they have strict controls and police dogs at the entrance
– Choose a meeting point and time, in case you lose your friends (the phone connection will be bad)
– Don’t miss the Opening Show at the Mainstage. It starts every day at 17.00h)
– The entrance to the Ferris wheel is right behind the Freedom Stage, don’t miss the amazing view (especially at night) – it is for free!
– Don’t miss the end show with the last artist. It is every night at the Mainstage and it is every night the same, so if you stay the whole weekend, save it for the last day.
– Explore the park, there are many different spots and stages!
– Buy a return ticket in advance, in case you are planning to take the train (do it online here
– A free, pocket-sized timetable and map of the area can be found at all info stands
– Download the Tomorrowland app for additional information and a digital map
– FAQ Tomrrowland:


So if the big day arrives, make sure to get there early enough. The festivals opens daily at 12.00h, from Antwerpen to Boom it is around 40 minutes by train. From Boom station, you can use the free shuttle bus (however, it is super crowded). We walked to the festival, which took us additional 20 minutes. The security control went by quickly – make sure to empty your bags, don’t take any prohibited items with you. If you want to store any bags or other stuff, you can use the lockers right after the entrance (I will not recommend it, because it will be very crowded when the event finishes at 01.00h).

Super excited that we made it, we first grabbed a pocket-size map from the info stand, so we could check the artist that we wanted to see. The opening show at the Mainstage (at 17.00h) and the end show is a highlight and a must! Don’t miss it! If you don’t have any specific plans, go and walk around the park, there is a lot to see! You can enjoy nice food and drinks, you can find many food stands all around the festival area. Try to check out all stages, there is something for everyone – it does not always have to be electronic music. Get on the Ferris wheel, it is for free and ensures an amazing view, especially at night! It wasn’t only an ordinary music festival, it was also a kind of a little amusement park, which made the day even more interesting. What surprised me most was the organization at the bathrooms. I expected a super long waiting time in front of the crowded and dirty toilets – it was the opposite!! I had almost zero waiting time, the toilets were very clean (also at night) and ALWAYS had toilet paper! I was super amazed. Just imagine, they had 400’000 people during 6 days, which means there were more than 66’000 people on one single day!!! And no crowded toilet and plenty of toilet paper, that was heaven! I really respect the organizing team and all the staff at the festival for their hard work. Other festivals could learn a lot from Tomorrowland. Even today, I think about it, lol. In addition, they had deodorants and sunscreen there, which you could use anytime for free. The whole event was crazy like sh**t, it is something you will never forget.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post and if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment! I wish you good luck in buying the tickets and if all went well, have fun at this unique event! You won’t regret it. Live Today. Love Tomorrow. Unite Forever!

Check out my video, if you want to see Steve Aoki’s cake throw ;)

My Tomorrowland BraceletOff to Belgium!Beautiful Antwerpen We stayed the Astoria Hotel Getting styled for the event :)How cool is this backpack?!Here we go! From Boom station to the festival it is around 20min by foot Almost there! Empty your pockets and bags for a quick entry Some more steps My girls โ™ก Lockers are available at the entrance Get a pocket-size map The ARCH stage Try a Hoegaarden :D (alcoholic drink) The YOUPHORIA stageRefill your bottle with water, use sunscreen to protect your skin.
Deodorants were also available for free!The GARDEN OF MADNESS stageI recommend to top up your bacalet in advance How to order:
1) Scan your bracelet
2) Make your order
3) Check the total price ont he screen
4) Scan you bracelet again to pay your orderRestaurant There are many food stands there!The ATMOSPHERE stage So pretty – isn’t it? The HARBOUR HOUSE stage
Stay here, if you like all-time-songs! Tomorrowland Pepsi! Keep your environment clean If you find a SPA bottle cap, keep it! The ROSE GARDEN stage,
with its lovely dragonTokyo Machine The FREEDOM stageNeed a hair cut? Or how about a tattoo? The MAINSTAGEIf you like the corwd then stay.
If not, stay back (the view here is even better)Don’t miss the opening show at 17.00 So many people! and nations! The ORGAN OF HARMONY stageLil Pump on stage Alan Walker Rose Garden at night Ferris wheel, here we go! Don’t miss this view! It is for free. The YOUPHORIA stage at night The endshow with Steve Aoki!
Don’t miss this highlight!


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