Amsterdam – Girls Weekend Trip

Hello my dear readers!

I am currently on a flashback trip, which means that I am catching up on some of my past travel trips. Amsterdam is one of my favourite places in Europe beside London. From Switzerland it is easy to book cheap flights and spend a longer weekend there. I did a girl’s trip some years ago with my lovely friends – our plan was to go shopping!

So if you are in Amsterdam, I would recommend you to get a Amsterdam Travel Ticket for tourists in case you travel a lot (there are different day-passes available). We got ours directly at the hotel. If they do not sell them at your stay, have a look at AKO Book & Travel store at Schiphol Airport.

You will find the simplest shopping opportunity, in the central city. I would recommend you to wander through the Nieuwendijk street. It is on the right street of the main street straight after the Amsterdam Central station. They have a lot of fashion shops and cosmetics stores.

If you need a break, check out the restaurants, cafes (or coffeeshops) in the side streets! You can find a lot of awesome bakeries and food from all around the world. Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese – there is something for every taste. We tried a special one called JOHANNES, which you will see in my pictures below. My friend suggested it and I could finally book a table for us (it is fully booked quickly, so I recommend you to book it online in advance). They offer a surprise menu every month and you can choose different courses. So if you like surprises and you’re not afraid of unique food on your plate – give it a try!

If you are new in Amsterdam and you like sightseeing, do a canal cruise! (Sightseeing buses are also available if you don’t like the boats). Walking tours are also nice though. Amsterdam has a lot of museums – we went to the Madame Tussauds. If you are in the city, don’t miss the red light district and if you have some more time, spend a little trip to see the beautiful tulips at the Keukenhof (the best season is spring/April) or do a Dutch countryside tour.

We did a little of everything and I had lots of fun with my amazing girls. Can’t wait to visit Amsterdam soon again!

Our hotel – MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam City West

Tickets for Tourist:
If you travel a lot around Amsterdam,
you can get a one, two or three day travel ticket.
Ask your hotel or buy it at the
AKO Books & Travel store at Schiphol Airport.Don’t forget to check-in and check-out Madame Tussauds – we have been here the whole morning.
I will write a separate blog post, we took a lot of pictures! :) Shopping in Amsterdam
Primark, Forever21 and more…Having lunch at a Chinese restaurantWhen girl’s go shopping… After a short break, we went out for dinner.
We booked a table online at JOHANNES, because my friend
recommend it and the last time I sadly coudn’t go so – revange!
They have a surprise menu every month and you can
choose between 4 to 8 courses. It was super delicious!Look at this beautiful food! Before heading back to the hotel… …we had a short stop at the red light district.
Never again – it was super crowded, omg!We had breakfast at Illy the next day 1 hour Canal Cruise (for 16ā‚¬) Afternoon Tea at De Bakkerswinkel We actually booked a table for us, but somehow
they put us to a group, where a older lady
celebrated her birthday. It was a bit akward,
but the pastries were good!
We spent the afternoon at the Sexmuseum (5ā‚¬)Ā  POPCULT – my favourite store so far!
I didn’t buy anything, but it had really cool stuff!For dinner we had Italian at Hotel Ristorante DoriaBreakfast at Schiphol Airport
One of my favourite restaurant: La Place
Everything is so fresh!Thx girls, for this awesome trip!
Can’t wait to go shopping soon with you guys!


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