How to visit the Keukenhof Tulip Garden from Amsterdam


And hello again =)

This will be the last blog entry about my Amsterdam trip from last year. As I have already told you, the tulips were the main reason for my visit to Amsterdam. I saw a lot of impressive pictures on the internet and I finally managed to go to the Netherlands to fulfil my wish! Where else would you find the most beautiful tulips than at the famous Keukenhof Garden? I booked the ticket online on their website before leaving Switzerland. From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport you can easily take the express bus Nr. 858, which will directly bring you to the Keukenhof Garden. The bus departs from the exit by Arrivals Hall 4, it is just next to Starbucks or the AKO Books & Travel store. We took the bus early in the morning in order to avoid the tourist crowd as good as possible. Arriving at the garden, we had a short coffee break and had a look at the souvenir shop before we started our tulip tour. We walked around the park and marvelled at the pretty tulips and flowers, which were blooming along the promenade. Ahhh, I could not stop taking pictures of the plants (and I made lots of selfies too *lol*). In the middle of the park there was a big greenhouse called the Willem-Alexander Pavilion. We could have a good look at many different varieties of tulips. The numbers of flowers was amazing and the tulips were so adorable! I enjoyed the Keukenhof Garden so much! If you like tulips this is a must-do trip, especially during spring season.

Keukenhof_80here we go~ Keukenhof_79a Keukenhof_79 Keukenhof_78hmm, where should we start? Keukenhof_77 Keukenhof_76narcissus Keukenhof_75hyacinth and tulips Keukenhof_74lots and lots of spring flowers Keukenhof_73Selfie~ ヽ(●´w`○)ノ Keukenhof_72awww a grey bunny!
it looks so fluffy!!Keukenhof_71 Keukenhof_70the Willem-Alexander Pavilion Keukenhof_69 Keukenhof_68 Keukenhof_67 Keukenhof_66 Keukenhof_65 Keukenhof_64tulips everywhere! Keukenhof_63 Keukenhof_62 Keukenhof_61 Keukenhof_60Posing with Miffy Keukenhof_59this glasshouse was full of orchids Keukenhof_58 Keukenhof_57wao! it’s blue! Keukenhof_56 Keukenhof_55 Keukenhof_54 Keukenhof_53 Keukenhof_52 Keukenhof_51Tottori Hanakairo Flower Park Keukenhof_50 Keukenhof_49 Keukenhof_48

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