Mihoscloset – Everything 5 CHF/USD | Worldwide Shipping

May you remember my blog post about the Konmari (cleaning up) method. I threw away tons of clothing pieces from my crowded and poor wardrobe. There were some pieces, which are still in good condition and I decided to sell them on my new Instagram account mihoscloset, where you can get EVERY PIECE for 5 CHF/$. If you buy more than 5 pieces, you can even pick one piece for free. I also “expanded” my selection and started to sell my old japanese magazines or letter sets or notepads, that I never used. I am currently doing a special offer during August, so you can get every piece for 3 CHF/$!!! (the “one for free”-offer doesn’t count here). Don’t miss this chance and have at least one look at mihoscloset. May you will find something you like :)

Click here to see the selection



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