Grow Your Own Mint Boy

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How are you doing?

I got something really cute last year from Japan. I found this adorable DIY mint set – I could not resist the temptation to buy it… could you?! The set is called Tabegoro Kareshi Ikusei Setto (食べごろ彼氏育成セット). The instruction was very easy and it made quite fun to raise my own “mint boy” (≧∇≦)!

↓↓↓ Check out my video ↓↓↓

this is inside the box Shall we start? There are also other “boys” you can grow.
Who is your time (^^♪? Cherry Tomatoes Aubergine Rocket Mini Carrots Mint Habanero Guess what happened…
our neighbour’s dog did this…We tried to save it… And it survived!!! Keep calm and drink peppermint tea ^o^


2 responses to “Grow Your Own Mint Boy

  1. So cute! I love how Japanese people turn everything into characters. I’m glad mint-kun survived that terrible dog attack. Do Hana and your neighbor’s dog get on well?

    • Hi dear!
      I really thought that mint-kun will not survive. Thank godness, the damage wasn’t that big. Well, Hana is not afraid of the dog, but the dog is afraid of Hana lol.

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