Where to find Cherry Blossoms in Switzerland | Rosengarten Bern

Hello my pretty flowers!

The cherry blossom season is already over, but it is never too late to post some pictures ^_^ After 26 years, I finally got the chance to see the Sakura trees of Bern in full bloom. I went on Friday, 31 March 2017. Thanks to swissjoho.com I was able to see the lovely blossoms before they faded. You can see the beautiful cherry trees at the Rosengarten (Rose Garden). It is just next to the bear park after the Old City of Bern – the capital city of Switzerland. 100 cherry trees (Someiyoshino) were given as a gift by Yoshiyuki Urata in 1975. If you are planning a visit in Switzerland around end of March or early April, do not miss this spring highlight in Bern! The cherry blossoms do not last very long.

Can’t get enough of Pikachu and Ghibli
・:*:・(*´∀`*)・:*:・Outfit of the day~
Cardigan: Lodispotto
Dress: Axes Femme
Bag: can’t remember anymore…

Hot air balloons Bern train station Can you see the sakura trees? ^_^ The Rosengarten is just next to the Bärengraben (bear park). This cage was used many years ago.
It is now used as a playground for kids.You can see the sponsors on the floor.

The first sakura trees.
Aren’t they beautiful?
It is the first time in my life that I saw these trees in full bloom! Walking through a cherry blossom tunnel A lady asked me, if she could take some picutres of me…
and they become so beautiful (you will find more picutres below)!
Thank you to Saruda Hard Photography for
the wonderful spontaneous pictures! ↓↓↓ by Saruda Hard Photography My cherry blossom shoes
↓ Wanna know where I bought them? ↓
click here The view from the Rosengarten.
It wasn’t the right season for roses,
but you can marvel at some spring flowers! The best season is between summer and autumn The cherry trees are blooming since 1975.
Yoshiyuki Urata donated 100 Someiyoshino trees to the city Bern. More photos by Saruda Hard Photography
Thank you so much ♡
The pictures are amazing! Before we went home, we had lunch at the Sushi Bar Yamasaki


One response to “Where to find Cherry Blossoms in Switzerland | Rosengarten Bern

  1. I love cherry blossoms. Some years ago, the Japanese government donated 100(?) trees. They’re said not to be able to bloom in Mexico City, so I’ve got no idea of where they are.
    A friend of mine bought one about four years ago. He lives at the outsides of the city, where weather is slightly different, so it does bloom every year. However, for one reason or the other, I’ve never been able to see it in full bloom. This spring, only one branch had flowers. We think it’s because this year’s weather has been disastrous: way too hot and unpredictable!

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