Spring Shoes | Cherry Blossoms and more

Aloha my pretty flowers!

Spring arrived in Switzerland (it feels like summer although…) and we are enjoying some very sunny days at the moment. I put the winter coasts back to my cupboard… slowly, cause you never know when winter will come back (yep, we had snow in May many years ago!!). I hope the weather becomes warmer from now on, so that I also can say goodbye to my winter boots. Beside ballerina shoes and sandals, I almost only wear (Converse look-alike) sneakers during the warm seasons. I am a huge fan of H.I.S shoes, which I always buy on Zalando (don’t even know if there exists a store, which sell this brand).

However, since I have been in Düsseldorf with my sister last year, I bought “normal” sneakers. My sister looooves sport shoes and we found the “legendary” (my sister told me so) holographic Superstar Adidas shoes. I honestly have to say – they were really cool and I could not resist to buy them in black. Holographic items are quite trendy at the moment. Since then I enjoy wearing sport shoes more and more! I have recently bought new shoes in bronze and silver and it is even from my favourite brand. Furthermore, I bought these lovely cherry blossom shoes by André, which you can see above. Aren’t they adorable? I saw them on Instagram and – as fate would have it – they were available on Zalando! They fit perfect and are very comfortable. I am sure that we will spend a great time together (♡≧▽≦)

What do you wear during spring and summer?

It was love at first sight! Socks are from Japan! PS. I liked the picture to the Zalando site ↓ H.I.S – My favourite brand! and the same in bronze I also ordered the blue one, but sent them back And here are the “legendary” Suparstar shoes by Adidas And the white version (pair look with my Sis)! ↓
We found them at a shoe shop in the
Shopping Center Düsseldorf Arcaden

Last but not least, my favourite sneakers in blue and black.
Unfortunately not available anymore.


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