Japanese Style Nail Art

Konbanwa, good evening!

I just got done getting my nails ready for tomorrow. I organized a Lolita meetup in Bern and I am so excited to wear my new dress. I am going to wear Wa Lolita (Lolita style with traditional Japanese clothing elements) for the first time! It is a special edition from the brand Metamorphose and the pattern is amazing. It was love at first sight! Can’t wait to share more pictures of it. Stay tuned ^_^

You can find more nail art ideas in my nail art gallery → here

I used black, gold and red nail polish.
The nail stickers are from Daiso (100 Yen Shop) in JapanThe best thing ever!
Express dry spray from Essence.
Love it so much!Glitter powder (from Daiso) Add the powder right after you applied nail polish Before and after
(with stickers)Done!


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