Halloween Doll Tutorial


Hello my lovely dolls ♡

It’s officially Halloween – time for spooky costumes! With each year, I love this event more and more. I recently became such a big fan of fake blood since I prepared my cosplay for the Fantasy Basel this year. It makes so much fun to experiment with red liquid to get a crazy and creepy look. I finally managed to fulfill a desire from my Lolita-wish list: Guro Lolita. It is a style of Lolita that focuses on horror. Just imagine a broken doll in a blood splattered dress. It is definitely not the right style for tea parties, but perfect for Halloween :) My sister organized a Halloween Birthday Party on Saturday and it was absolutely awesome. She transformed her house into a terrifying haunted house. You will find some pictures at the end of this blog post (▼∀▼)†

Happy Halloween my lovelies!

White dress ✓
Doll or plushie ✓ happy-halloween-1Eye patches or band aids are great accessoires! happy-halloween-2For my makeup I used:
– Black Mascara
– Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil (Essence)
– Red Circle Lenses (Vassen Dolly Plus Red)
– Red lipstick (BeautyUK)
happy-halloween-3 Time for fake blood! happy-halloween-5Show time :)))happy-halloween-6 happy-halloween-7 happy-halloween-8Use a black eyeshadow! happy-halloween-10happy-halloween-9Do the same with nude tights and bandageshappy-halloween-4Halloween Nails
Check out my video or blog post for the instruction happy-halloween-11

Legwear happy-halloween-12Say hi to my bunny!happy-halloween-21happy-halloween-15 happy-halloween-16 happy-halloween-17 happy-halloween-18 happy-halloween-19happy-halloween-13happy-halloween-14 happy-halloween-20happy-halloween-22My Sister’s Halloween Party was unforgettable!
happy-halloween-24Look at this decoration! happy-halloween-25Oh hi Barbie! You look awesome! happy-halloween-26Need to fix my bunny happy-halloween-28Thirsty? happy-halloween-27happy-halloween-29Thanks to my friend for this pic :)
Never thought that I would be scared of myself *lol* happy-halloween-30

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