Antalya | Turkey


Hello everyone!

I keep this blog post simple and short. I will probably do that with most of the upcoming posts now, otherwise my pending topics will never decrease… So last summer, I have been to Antalya, the largest city in Turkey on the Mediterranean coast. Our all-inclusive stay lasted five days, starting from 10 October. The weather was perfect, just hot enough to take a refreshing swim on the nearby sea or pool. I can’t tell if you can do sightseeing in Antalya or not – our daily routine was simply: sleeping, eating, swimming, sunbathing and relaxing :)

at Zurich Airportantalya_94 antalya_99antalya_100here we go with easyjetantalya_94c antalya_94bAntalya Airport
The time difference from Switzerland is +1 hourantalya_98We arrived very late at the hotelantalya_97the receptionist was so friendly and arranged a small snack for us!antalya_96the pool at night antalya_95Mokeke and (smartphoneholic) friendsantalya_93cOur hotel:
Porto Bello Resort & Spaantalya_91

our room antalya_92antalya_93Foooood~!!
all inclusiveantalya_93bTurkish money (Lira)
but you can also use Euroantalya_87Off to the cityantalya_89 antalya_90You only need to pay 2 Lira, no matter where you leave.
PS. The taxi fee for 20km is around 25 eurosantalya_88this birdie looks a bit scary…antalya_86sleepy dogsantalya_85 antalya_84Sweet corn
This was soooo gooood!antalya_83The shopping mall “5M Migros”antalya_82

The beach was just next to our hotelantalya_73at the beachantalya_81 antalya_80 antalya_79 antalya_78 antalya_77heavenly! antalya_76at the poolantalya_75 antalya_74 antalya_72


One response to “Antalya | Turkey

  1. What, they do have a Migros in Antalya? And “5M”, I didn’t even know that exists… :-D Anyway, your holiday photos look great (especially the buffet).

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