Japan Impact 2016


Hello dear readers,

How are you doing? I didn’t post anything about the conventions that I attend this year, hmm? I have been to three events, which have taken place around spring season. So sad that everything is already over, buuuh, I wish I could turn back time… Luckily, there is always a “next year”, right??

Well, let’s start with the first convention. I went to Lausanne for the Japan Impact event in February for the first time. My Lolita friend asked me on my last Lolita meeting, if I also would come to the event. I didn’t have any plans during 20-21 February so I decided to have a look at this event.

Like most of the events you could attend to workshops, presentations and buy merchandises, artworks, Japanese sweets, mangas or have fun at the game room or have a cup of hot coffee/tea at the maid cafe. I honestly have to say that it was a bit tiring because 90% of the people were speaking French (Lausanne lies in the French part of Switzerland), but all in all I had a great time ^_^

JapanImpact2016_100Punk Lolita ♡ JapanImpact2016_99 JapanImpact2016_98 JapanImpact2016_97 JapanImpact2016_96 JapanImpact2016_95 JapanImpact2016_94 JapanImpact2016_93 JapanImpact2016_92Luckily it wasn’t raining!
JapanImpact2016_91 JapanImpact2016_90JapanImpact2016_50Food JapanImpact2016_51 JapanImpact2016_89 JapanImpact2016_88 JapanImpact2016_87 JapanImpact2016_86Plushies! JapanImpact2016_85 JapanImpact2016_84Alpaca plush… still on my wish list JapanImpact2016_83Domo-kun! JapanImpact2016_82 JapanImpact2016_81Monopoly!
Never thought that there are so many variations!JapanImpact2016_80Her postcards were awesome!
When I look at this picture I just noticed that
I bought a card from her at the Fantasy Basel event *lol*JapanImpact2016_79 JapanImpact2016_78Oh man, you guys are so talented! JapanImpact2016_77 JapanImpact2016_76Pikachuuuuuu~ :D JapanImpact2016_75 JapanImpact2016_74JapanImpact2016_72 JapanImpact2016_73JapanImpact2016_70 JapanImpact2016_71Lolita exhibition!
Cool, cool, cool!!!JapanImpact2016_69Here she is – my beautiful Lolita friend ♡ JapanImpact2016_68 JapanImpact2016_67Attack on Titan figures JapanImpact2016_66 JapanImpact2016_65Just Dance!
I love this gameJapanImpact2016_64 JapanImpact2016_63 JapanImpact2016_62 JapanImpact2016_61 JapanImpact2016_60 JapanImpact2016_59 JapanImpact2016_58 JapanImpact2016_57 JapanImpact2016_56Gold poop! hahaha JapanImpact2016_55 JapanImpact2016_54 JapanImpact2016_53 JapanImpact2016_52 JapanImpact2016_49

2 responses to “Japan Impact 2016

  1. Gold Poop! XD
    Are they just figurines, or are they some kind of edible thing? (I mean, chocolate, marshmallow..)

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