50% of me: “I love lace, pink, flowers & shiny things”
50% of me: “I love tattoos, rock concerts & ripped jeans”


Hello Loves,

I just found this picture and perfect description for me on the world wide web and thought of posting some random stuff here. You mostly see the “normal” or kawaii side of me on my blog, however, I also have a kind of second personality – the dark side of me, which loves the gothic/grunge/punk style. Had lots of fun to edit the photos that I found in my albums! Ahh, I should get more temporary tattos (*ゝ∀・*)

How about you? Cute, cool or both?

5050_445050_49 5050_48 5050_475050_43 5050_46 5050_45 5050_42 5050_41 5050_40 5050_39 5050_38 5050_37 5050_36


2 responses to “50/50

  1. Same here. I also have a 50/50 personality. Half of me loves super kawaii and childish stuff, but the other half loves gothic, dark stuff and metal. Sometimes both sides of me merge into a third personality… or something like that. Maybe that’s why I love BabyMetal. XD
    That black and red dress is simply beautiful, and the tatoos look really cool.

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