Fantasy Basel – the Swiss Comic Con | 2016


Hi there!! (。・_・。)ノ

Here we go with the next Con. After I took part at the Fantasy Basel event one year ago, I couldn’t resist to buy a ticket again. It is one of the biggest Comic Con in Switzerland. The perfect festival for film, game, comic and cosplay fans. The exhibition halls in Basel turned into a fantasy world during three days. Thousands of Cosplayers and fantasy fans were romping around the halls. As you know me, I would never visit a convention without a Cosplay!! I could even fulfill myself a small dream :) I wanted to experiment with fake blood since a long time, so this event was just perfect. I decided to mess up one of my school uniforms and it turned out very well. I had so much fun to arrange my outfit and make-up!! Compared to last year, the event has made a big improvement. There was just one hall in use (instead of three) and the stands were spread cleverly over the whole area. The food corner was a bit small in my eyes, but it was still better than last year. Furthermore, they had much more (new) exhibitors and lots of cool merchandise you could buy. Had a blast with my friends, can’t wait for next year!

My outfit:FantasyBasel_100Fake blood! muhahah :) FantasyBasel_99mess it up!!
do this 2-3 days before, so the dress can dryFantasyBasel_97Red Circle LensesFantasyBasel_98 FantasyBasel_96I used mascara, red lipstick and eye shadow for the make-up
I also used it for my outfit to give it a more dramatic look
FantasyBasel_951) Lipstick
2) eyeshadow
3) mascaraFantasyBasel_94same here FantasyBasel_93and fake bloooood :D
Yeah I love this part right here!FantasyBasel_92Here we go ♡ with my lovely little Sis FantasyBasel_91 FantasyBasel_90 FantasyBasel_89FantasyBasel_86Where shall we start…FantasyBasel_79FantasyBasel_52
My friend’s sister
Her Cosplay is selfmade by the way!
Just amazing!FantasyBasel_88Got this Mokeke from Christie ♡
You made me so happy!! Thank youuuu!!!
FantasyBasel_87Buhuu, me again^.^ FantasyBasel_85 FantasyBasel_84Worbla FantasyBasel_83 FantasyBasel_82 FantasyBasel_81 FantasyBasel_80Awww  FantasyBasel_78 FantasyBasel_77 FantasyBasel_76 FantasyBasel_75Japanese sweets FantasyBasel_74 FantasyBasel_73Figurines FantasyBasel_72Mousepads! FantasyBasel_71Colourful wigs FantasyBasel_70Funko Pop!
I bought Elsa ^_^FantasyBasel_69Got a Deadpool sticker for free FantasyBasel_68Thank you to HP for this picture! FantasyBasel_67FantasyBasel_41FantasyBasel_56FantasyBasel_66 FantasyBasel_65FantasyBasel_63FantasyBasel_64  FantasyBasel_62How cool is that? FantasyBasel_61 FantasyBasel_60IRONMAN! FantasyBasel_59 FantasyBasel_58My mates (^^)/ FantasyBasel_57 You could take pictures with photoboothpro!
It made so much fun :))
The pictures were free and you could even download it.
Thank you so much!FantasyBasel_55 FantasyBasel_54Love at first sight? *g* FantasyBasel_53 FantasyBasel_51…no, he wasn’t part of a show *lol* FantasyBasel_50 FantasyBasel_49 FantasyBasel_48Claudia Rindler!
She was there last year too, I love her workFantasyBasel_47Frightguys FantasyBasel_46Mum, can I keep him :P ?? FantasyBasel_45Isn’t she pretty? FantasyBasel_44D.A.N.G.E.R
Run for your life!FantasyBasel_43Disney drawings FantasyBasel_42 Her drawings are awesome!
I saw her in Lausanne at the Japan ImpactFantasyBasel_40I couldn’t resist to buy a postcard FantasyBasel_39 FantasyBasel_38 FantasyBasel_37 FantasyBasel_36 FantasyBasel_35 FantasyBasel_34 FantasyBasel_33Miku-chan FantasyBasel_32Sailor Moon FantasyBasel_31I nearly bought this glas FantasyBasel_30Memories FantasyBasel_29FantasyBasel_28

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